FAH-DPORT: 文學英譯的二元互補 — 以葛浩文對莫言作品的翻譯為例 A Study on Howard Goldblatt’s “Mistranslation” of Mo Yan’s fiction




4 Dec 2017


16:00 - 18:00


E21 - G035





Zhu Zhenwu,  professor of English, translation, comparative literature and world literature. He is working as a professor of English in Humanities and Communication College at Shanghai Normal University, China.  He is the distinguished discipline leader for the Comparative Literature and World Literature Program designated by the Department of Education of China.  Also, he is the principal Chinese translator of all Dan Brown’s novels including The Da Vinci Code,and the author of more 15 books and 200 essays on literature and translation.

His research fields: English literature and culture; Literary Translation; Comparative Literature

In Howard Goldblatt’s translation, there seems to be lots of deviations from the information in original texts. After a careful study on his translation, we found that some of these deviations, the so called “mistranslation”, actually are reconstructions made by the translator for creative purpose. In the examples of English version of Mo Yan’s short stories and several fiction, this paper aims to study how Howard Goldblatt breaks the boundary of traditional translation skills and theories in the cover of “mistranslation”, and improve the readability of the translated texts in target cultural context. To achieve this goal, diversified strategies are applied in his translations, like multiple translations for one same character or phrase under different contexts, amplification to the given information and images, and concentration to linguistic information and aesthetic perception in regardless of the original style and flavor. Sometimes, it is inevitable to find out some real mistranslations, yet the flaws do not obscure the virtues of his translations.




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