Distinguished Guest Talk “Some aspects of Malacca Creole Portuguese as evidenced in 19th Century documentation” by Prof. Alan Baxter


28 Aug 2015




Documents researched in the Hugo Schuchardt Archiv (Karl‐Franzens‐Universität Graz, Austria), the archive of one of the founding figures of creole linguistic studies, reveal that between 1883 and 1884, Professor Schuchardt wrote to several individuals in Singapore and Malacca, seeking information concerning Malacca Creole Portuguese (MCP). Among the responses, in 1884 he was fortunate to establish contact with Fr Nicolau Theophilus Pinto, a Goan priest fluent in MCP, knowledgeable about details of the language and various socio‐cultural aspects of the community in Malacca. With the assistance of Fr Pinto, Schuchardt obtained a small, but diverse set of materials in MCP, including dictated texts which constitute the earliest texts of MCP clearly identified as originating from native speakers. In ongoing correspondence, Schuchardt discussed with Fr Pinto various details of the grammar and lexicon.

We discuss some key aspects of Fr Pinto’s notes on MCP grammar and of the content of three of the MCP texts.



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