FAH-DP Seminar: Working towards the preservation of endangered languages and cultures: a personal account concerning Kristang from Malacca (Malaysia) by Mrs. Joan Margret Marbeck


14 Mar 2016


E21 - 1015



Languages are dying at an alarming rate and Kristang along with a number of other  ethnic languages of Asia will be no exception if concrete measures to preserve them are not taken.

Kristang, a minority language spoken and understood by approximately 5000  persons, in Malaysia and Singapore, is under threat of attrition. This does not simply mean the loss of a language but an entire culture that has survived for almost five hundred years in Malaysia, Singapore and some of the islands of Indonesia. For these reasons I believe and am passionate about saving our Mother – Tongue.

During this talk the speaker will share with the audience her personal experience, difficulties and endevours in contributing to the preservation of the Kristang language. As a native speaker of this language and a member of its cultural and ethnic community, she shall also exchange views on the role people like herself can play in the documentation and the preservation of our respective endangered languages and cultures, vis-a-vis professional assistance from outsiders.


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