FAH-DPORT-CIELA: Book Presentation


Department of Portuguese Academics


28 Mar 2018


18:00 - 20:00




One of the responsibilities of Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) of the Department of Portuguese is to publicize the research production of the Department of Portuguese. Therefore, in order to promote our publications, we are organizing a BOOK PRESENTATION. The authors are teachers of the Department with recent publications. They will share with the audience the project that leaded to each volume to be presented and its nature: aims, contents, authors. The target public is formed by general audience, teachers and Post-graduate Students, especially the ones engaged in researches and publications projects. The books are linked to the areas of applied linguistics, literature and translation studies.



Following a holistic and analytic perspective, the coursebook was designed to develop the oral proficiency in Portuguese Foreign Language (PFL). It includes authentic audio and video materials allowing a rich and meaningful input. When performing the output tasks proposed, learners interact and negotiate meaning  as they engage in collaborative learning. It is expected that the performance of both receptive and productive tasks will promote the automatization and the establishment of new form/ meaning connections in PFL. Ultimately the tasks will develop language proficiency and the intercultural knowledge of the learners.

  •  THE “LIBOLO PROJECT” BOOK – Author: Carlos Figueiredo

The “Projeto Libolo” Book is made up of two-volumes. Volume 1, co-edited by Dr. Carlos Filipe Guimarães Figueiredo (FAH-DP, University of Macau, China), and Prof. Márcia Santos Duarte de Oliveira (FFLCH-DLCV, University of São Paulo, Brazil), edit texts that introduce the methods used to conduct the project research in the Libolo, and ends with a scientific article on the linguistic aspects of the Angolan Portuguese spoken in Libolo. In Volume 2, by Dr. Carlos Figueiredo, the author introduces the geographical aspects of the Libolo Municipality as well as some of the results of his studies on the linguistic, historical, philological, and anthropological domains of this region. Together, both volumes comprise a scholarly work that covers two main topics: (i) to introduce the “Libolo Project” research directions; (ii) to provide evidence in support of the very first scholarly studies of this important African region.

  • VOZES DA SALA DE AULA – Editor: Ricardo Moutinho

This work presents analyses of classroom environments of Portuguese as a second language in Macau. The authors of the studies published in this edited collection contribute for a better comprehension on how discursive spaces observed in the contemporary classroom interact with traditional teaching-learning approaches. To reach this goal, it is discussed throughout the chapters how teachers and students (re)negotiate their rights and obligations through their voices (and other actions) that identify them as active participants in their exercise to teach/learn a new language.​

  • NEW GENERATIONS OF PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD: perspectives in language policy, history, linguistics and literature- Author: Roberval Teixeira e Silva

The book deal with the theme – new generations of Portuguese speakers in the world – and has adopted the perspective that the Portuguese language should be understood as a pluricentric, transnational language and as a crucial catalyst matrix in the political, social, cultural and identity constitution of many subjects who learn and study it – and who need to learn and study it – as the first, second, foreign, inheritance, host language… both in countries and regions that have it as their official language and in those that do not have it. The volume has the honour to count on chapters from outstanding, recognized and established researchers from Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal, which guarantee a plural vision on the thematic.


Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Special Issue – Words In Exile: Poetics Of Female Voices Of The Portuguese-Speaking World


18:00 – 18:05Presentation by Professor Roberval Teixeira e Silva

Director of the Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies

18:05 – 18:15Professor Sara Santos

Book: Falar pelos Cotovelos

18:15 – 18:25Professor Carlos Figueiredo

Book: Projeto Libolo

18:25  – 18:35Professor Ricardo Moutinho

Book: Vozes da Sala de Aula

18:35  – 18:45Professor Dora Gago

Journal:  Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies

18:45  – 18:55Professor Roberval Teixeira e Silva

Book: Formação de Novas Geracões de Falantes de Português no mundo

18:55  – 19:15Professor Marcia Schmaltz

Translator: Diego Xu

Translator: Yan Fei

Publisher: Carlos Morais José

19:15 – 19:45Coffee Break


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