Conference Language Contact in Asia and the Pacific (LCAP 2016) University of Macau 14th – 15th September 2016

Last updated:14 Sep 2016

The Conference: description and aims

The first LCAP was successfully held at University of Macau in 2012 under the organization of the Portuguese Department, having congregated both established researchers in the field, as well as a handful of promising postgraduates.

Similarly to the first LCAP conference, this second edition is dedicated to studies of the multiple facets of language contact and multilingualism in Asia and the Pacific, at large. As highly multilingual and diverse regions, Asia and the Pacific have over time witnessed intense language contact. So too has Macau, as is the case of other its neighbouring cities and regions, been a hub for the confluence of diverse peoples, languages and cultures. This makes it a pertinent setting for an academic reflection and exchange of ongoing research and practices in the broad field of Language Contact

In line with the multilingual – multicultural theme of the conference, the current edition is a joint effort between a group of academic staff from the Portuguese and the Chinese Departments of the University of Macau. Furthermore, although English will be the main working language of the conference, presentations in Chinese and Portuguese are equally accepted, and simultaneous interpretation for such cases will be provided.


General Topics

  1. Language contact in urban settings
  2. Language policies and planning in multilingual municipalities, administrative or economic regions, countries
  3. Contact Languages: linguistic descriptive studies; socio-cultural studies
  4. Pidgins and Creoles
  5. Code-switching; language transfer / borrowing
  6. Language documentation and language revitalization


Linguistic subfields in focus

Sociolinguistics; Language Acquisition; Bilingualism; Language Typology; Anthropological Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Language Documentation; Anthropological Linguistics


Scientific Board

Austin, Peter (University of London – SOAS)

Baxter, Alan (University of St. Joseph)

Cardoso, Hugo (University of Lisbon)

Lisa, Lim (University of Hong Kong)

Liu, Hongyong (University of Macau)

Pillai, Stefanie (University of Malaya)

Xu, Daming (University of Macau)


Organizing Committee

Pinharanda Nunes, Mário (University of Macau)

Xu, Daming (University of Macau)

Silva, Ana (University of Porto)

Martins, Custódio (University of Macau)


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