FAH-DPORT: Seminar: “Women who depart and women who stay. Women as protagonists in the Portuguese Overseas Expansion” by Prof. Amélia Polónia, University of Porto


28 Oct 2016




The study of early modern empires is usually focused on imperial rivalries, monopolies, warfare strategies and political disputes between European colonizers. Focusing on central power strategies this analysis excludes the perception of how individuals contributed to those historical processes, at times to an even greater extent than the central powers themselves; and it disregards the active influence of African, Asian, and American, men and women, on colonial dynamics. The proposed approach tries to shed new light on the so-far ignored, but crucial role of European and non-European women in this process. It will focus both on women who stayed, in Portugal, on communities featured by the absence of men, and those who left, contributing to the building of a global world. The role of women, both Portuguese and autochthone, as intermediaries between worlds where collaboration, confrontation and assimilation patterns were critical, will also be addressed.


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