Master of Arts In Portuguese Language and Intercultural Studies

Last updated:02 Jan 2019

The Department of Portuguese of the University of Macau offers a Master Degree Programme in Portuguese Language and Intercultural Studies with two areas of specialization:


Applicants should have achieved the equivalent* of an overall result of Grade C+ or higher in their Bachelor’s degree studies.

* The equivalent means 2.3 on the 4.0 GPA scale, 14 on the 20-point scale or 70 out of 100.


Classes are taught in Portuguese. Some elective courses may be taken in English or Chinese. A student is required to submit a thesis written in Portuguese and has an oral defence (in Portuguese) on that thesis.

  • Prospective students who are not native speakers of Portuguese should hold one of the following: a) International certificate issued by Portugal (DIPLE or higher) certificate; b) International certificate issued by Brazil (Celpe-Bras nível intermediário or higher). Exceptions may be considered if a candidate who is not a native speaker holds a relevant BA degree in Portuguese.
  • Prospective students who are native speakers of Portuguese should have passed the respective national examination of the 12th form or hold a relevant BA degree in Portuguese.


The normal period of study is two academic years (24 months). Students must complete a total of 30 credits of course work. In each of the first three semesters, students complete 9 credits of course work. In the fourth year they complete an additional 3 credits of coursework and submit and orally defend a thesis of 15,000 words (minimum).


The University of Macau, through the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, will accept a minimum number of 10 and a maximum number of 25 students for the programme. Additional applicants will be put on a waiting list.


  • Applicants will be selected by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities according to the following criteria:
    a) The educational curriculum vitae of the applicant; b) The applicant’s performance in undergraduate study; c) The applicant’s work experience.
  • The Faculty of Arts and Humanities will conduct the selection of applications on the recommendation of a panel appointed by FAH. One of the panel members must be the co-ordinator of the Master in Portuguese Language and Intercultural Studies Programme. Appeals against the panel’s decision will not be accepted except in cases of verified procedural errors.


The registration and enrolment conditions, as well as the evaluation, classification and attendance requirements of the programme are similar to those of the Bachelor programmes of the University of Macau. Students should attend at least 80% of the total course hours. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement will be failed in the course concerned. The award of the degree complies with the laws governing higher education in Macao.


In order to graduate, the student must complete all 30 credits of coursework with an overall result of Grade B- (73% minimum), and submit and successfully defend the required Master’s thesis.


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