FAH-DPORT: Placement Exam Results for PTS11 Students following study abroad in 2017/2

9 Aug 2018

Dear Students,

Please find below the available results for PTS11 Major students that joined the Study Abroad programmer in 2017/2.

These results include the Oral Assessment held on August 06, 2018.

No Total Resultado
B517551 86 Aprovado
B515192 83.5 Aprovado
B517672 76 Aprovado
B517681 73 Aprovado
B417413 72.5 Aprovado
B517787 71 Aprovado
B417383 70 Aprovado
B517796 69.5 Aprovado
B517844 68 Aprovado
B516732 68 Aprovado
B517835 65.5 Aprovado
B515204 65.5 Aprovado
B517808 65 Aprovado
B517512 65 Aprovado
B517533 64.5 Aprovado
B515080 63 Aprovado
B516771 61.5 Aprovado
B515687 61.5 Aprovado
B515298 61 Aprovado
B515907 60.5 Aprovado
B515222 60.5 Aprovado
B517663 60 Aprovado
B422803 59.5 Aprovado
B417102 59.5 Aprovado
B516666 58.5 Aprovado
B516373 58 Aprovado
B417184 56.5 Aprovado
B515270 55.5 Aprovado
B515961 55.5 Aprovado
B417120 51.5 Reprovado
B416072 49 Reprovado
B415787 48 Reprovado
B517817 47 Reprovado
B516213 46.5 Reprovado
B515554 45.5 Reprovado
B515183 44.5 Reprovado
B515536 43.5 Reprovado
B516762 42 Reprovado
B515581 40.5 Reprovado
B515099 39.5 Reprovado
B516829 36.5 Reprovado
B515509 35.5 Reprovado
B516684 35.5 Reprovado
B516352 35 Reprovado
B515623 34 Reprovado
B516391 33 Reprovado
B515762 25.5 Reprovado
B416283 51.5 Reprovado


Additional information and requirements

  1. The Placement Exam is to be taken before the enrollment period.
  2. The Department of Portuguese will schedule and administer the exams.
  3. Students are required to return with a certificate of at least level B2 to be considered for course exemption.
  4. Should they present an official DIPLE International Certificate of Portuguese Proficiency Exam, students can be waived from the placement exam.
  5. A panel of teachers and professors from the Department of Portuguese will design the placement test and each exam will be corrected and marked by two teachers. The exam will have both a written and oral component. The final mark will be the average of the two grades.
  6. The course exemption will only be processed and approved based on the result of the placement exams.
  7. Those students only achieving level B1 of the European Frame of Reference for the Teaching of Foreign Languages will be required to retake year 3 courses and course exemption will not be approved.
  8. Students achieving level B2 in the placement exam will be granted course exemption and admitted to year 4.
  9. Students deferring their studies for an additional semester, are required to obtain and submit an official DIPLE International Certificate of Portuguese Proficiency Exam upon their return to have their course exemption approved and will be waived from placement exams.
  10. Students deferring their studies for two semesters are required to attend courses at two different levels (B1/B2/C1).
  11. Students are also required to follow all UM related regulations and should submit along with the course exemption requests all relevant documentation such as course certificates, diplomas, grade certificates and course description with number of lecturer hours.
  12. Further to the above proposed, the Department of Portuguese will not accept any appeals after the placement exam results are released.

For any inquiries or information please contact the Department of Portuguese at room E21-3094.