Mestrado em Letras em Estudos da Tradução

Duração: 2 Years
Meio de Instrução: Chinese & English/Portuguese


The programme aims to foster a new generation of translators and interpreters with a professional outlook, linguistic and cultural competence, as well as the skills necessary to meet the challenges of both the local and international markets in the years to come. It also aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth study of the multifaceted issues in translation and interpreting.

Características Principais

  • A 2-year MA programme
    To enhance both practical skills and theoretical knowledge
  • Two Specializations
    • Chinese-English
    • Chinese-Portuguese
  • Assistantships
    Opportunities available to work as teaching or research assistants with a stipend
  • Comprehensive training
    Courses on both translation theories and practical interpretation and translation
  • State of the art training facilities
    A brand-new campus with state-of-the-art labs for training and research

Requisitos de Graduação

Students must gain the required number of credits (24 credits for academic thesis and 27 credits for applied thesis) and obtain an overall average of Grade B- (73-77%) or above in all the courses taken. In addition, students must submit and successfully defend an academic or applied thesis written in English / Portuguese according to their specialization before they are awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Translation Studies.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with an overall result of Grade B- (73% minimum), in Translation, Portuguese Studies, English Studies or other subjects.
  • Applicants may be required to take a proficiency test of language and translation and attend an admission interview. Non-local applicants may be interviewed online.
  • For Language requirements, please refer to Remarks, item 2.

Perspectiva de Carreira

Our graduates and alumni are engaged in a wide range of careers, working as Professional translators and interpreters, Chinese, English or Portuguese language teachers, specialists in translation studies, writers, etc.


  1. General Rules and Regulations for Current Students
  2. Prospective students should normally be native speakers of one of the languages (namely Chinese, English or Portuguese). Exceptions may be considered if a candidate who is not a native speaker holds an official higher certificate of both languages of the intended specialization.
    • Applicants for the Chinese-English and Chinese-Portuguese section who are not native speakers of English, should have one of the following:
      1. TOEFL score minimum 100 (= 600 in paper based test) ;
      2. IELTS score minimum 6.5;
      3. CET Band 6 Certificate for non-English Majors or Band 8 certificate for English Majors.
    • Applicants for the Chinese-English and Chinese-Portuguese who are not native speakers of Chinese, should have the HSK Certificate (National Chinese Exam, higher level).
    • Applicants for the Chinese-Portuguese section, who are not native speakers of Portuguese, should have one of the following:
      1. International certificates issued by Portugal (DUPLE or DAPLE)
      2. International certificates issued by Brazil (CELPE-BRAS Intermediário Superior)
      3. Native speakers of Portuguese should have passed the respective national examination of the 12th form (i.e. Pre-university level vestibular).