Minor em Estudos Portugueses

Duração: 2-4 Years
Meio de Instrução: English & Portuguese


The Minor is open to all students at the University of Macau. The main objective is to equip these students with a solid base of spoken and written Portuguese as well as to provide them with a better understanding of the various cultures of the Portuguese-speaking countries.

Características Principais

The minor is based on the core courses of the BA in Portuguese Studies. Students will engage with oral and written comprehension and production skills training in Portuguese, as well as Portuguese-speaking countries related cultural knowledge acquisition.

Requisitos de Graduação

Obtaining the minor in Portuguese Studies will require the completion of 2 compulsory courses (12 credits) and 3-4 elective courses (18 credits).  A total of 30 credits are required to obtain the minor.


Please refer to the Registry’s website.

Perspectiva de Carreira

Our graduates, with multilingual and multicultural competencies, work in diverse fields, especially where Portuguese is required.