KWOK, Sai Hang

2017-2019 CLASS Postdoctoral Fellow, Nanyang Technological University

2015-2016 International Scholar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

  1. CLASS Seminar/Conference Fund, NTU, 2018.
  2. CLASS Postdoctoral Fellowship, NTU, 2017.
  3. Overseas Research Award, HKUST, 2015.
  4. School of Humanities and Social Science Dean’s Award, HKUST, 2011.
  5. Wong Wai Chung Prize for Undergraduate Humanities, HKUST, 2009.

2019       “The Absence of Phenomenology in Early 20th Century Chinese Philosophy: A Philosophical Interpretation.”20th Century East Asian Philosophies: Intercultural Entanglements and Original Contributions, Brussels [Forthcoming]

2018       “Emptying the Body: The Space of Harmonization in Daoism.” International Workshop on Conceptions of Harmony in Chinese Thought, Singapore.

2018       “Sign and Hyle: Re-reading Derrida’s Critique of Husserl through the Bernau Manuscripts.” 23rd Annual Meeting on Chinese Phenomenology 第二十三屆中國現象學年會, Nanjing.

2018       “The Problem of Genesis in Derrida and Daoism.” World Congress of Philosophy, Beijing

2018       “Reconstructing the Textual Hermeneutics in Confucianism: Using the Image of Shun as a Paradigm.” Interpreting Chinese Philosophical Texts—Theories, Case Studies and Praxis, Taichung.

2018       “Complexity of the Present: the constitution of time consciousness in Husserl’s phenomenology.” Complexity of Time Conference, Singapore

2017       “Zhuangzi and the Logicians: Two Perspectives on the Difference between ‘zhi 指’ and ‘wu 物’”, International Society for Chinese Philosophy Conference, Singapore.

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