Prof Jianguo SHI

Prof Jianguo SHI

Full Professor
8822 8277

Consultation Hours
星期一、四 15:00-16:00

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  • 9/1988-1/1994 The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA Chinese Linguistics Ph.D.
  • 9/1982-6/1985 Nanjing University, China Chinese Linguistics M.A.
  • 9/1979-7/1982 Nanjing Normal University, China Chinese Language and Literature B.A.
Research Interests
  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Chinese language
  • Phonetics & phonology
Courses Regularly Taught
  • Chinese Phonology(CHIN321)
  • Classical Chinese Language I (CHIN322)
  • Topics in Theories of Chinese Linguistics (MACL003)
  • Studies on Chinese Phonology (MACL011)
Professional Affiliations
  • Coordinator for MA Program in Chinese Linguistics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau
  • Associate Professor, Department of Chinese, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau
  • External Examiner (2009-2012), Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Adjunct Professor (since 2006), International College of Chinese Studies,Shaanxi Normal University, China
  • Referee (2005) to review a research proposal in phonetics and phonology for the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong
  • Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Research, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau (since 2010)
Awards & Honors
  • 8/1988–1/1994 Fulbright Graduate Scholarship, USA
Selected Publications
  • 1984 Shi, Jianguo. The double negation structure in Mandarin 漢語的雙重否定格式, Zhongguo Yuwen Tongxun 中國語文通訊 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 4: 5-9.
  • 1985, Shi, Jianguo. Cohesion among sentences in Wang Meng’s novels 王蒙小說意識流手法的句群特色, Common Rhetoric大眾修辭 (Shanghai: TongjiUniversity Press 同濟大學), No. 1: 48-50.
  • 1986, Shi, Jianguo. Analysis of double-bu sentences 關於“雙不否定”結構的分析, Journal of Nanjing University 南京大學學報 (Special Issue of Language and Literature), pp. 190-192.
  • 1990, Lu, Guoyao and Jianguo Shi. Zhongyuan Yinyun Yinwei Xitong 中原音韻音位系統 (a Chinese translation of Phonology of Old Mandarin). Beijing: Beijing Language Institute Press 北京語言學院, pp. 175.
  • 1992, Shi, Jianguo. Shuyang phonology and its historical sound changes 沭陽音系及其演變, Yuyan Yanjiu 語言研究 (Huazhong University of Science and Technology 華中科技大學), No. 2: 100-109.
  • 1993, Shi, Jianguo. Review on Generative Phonology and Non-linear Phonology 《生成音系學和非線性音系學》評介, Linguistics Abroad 國外語言學 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 2: 16-23.
  • 1996, Shi, Jianguo. Sound changes of three rhymes de, mo, mai 官話德、陌、麥三韻入聲字音變, Dialects 方言 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 3: 201-207.
  • 1996, Shi, Jianguo. Studies on Cultural Revolution Words 文革詞研究,Journal of Nantah Language and Culture 南大語言文化學報 (NanyangPolytechnic University 南洋理工大學, Singapore), Vol. 1, No. 1: 79-115.
  • 1997, Shi, Jianguo. Mandarin tones and modern phonology theories 漢語聲調與當代音系理論, Linguistics Abroad 國外語言學 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 1: 36-47.
  • 1998, Shi, Jianguo. Regionalism to and diachronic changes of the Mandarin phonology 官話語音的地域層次及其歷史因素, The Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology台灣中央研究院史語所集刊, Vol. 69, Part 2: 399-421.
  • 1998, Shi, Jianguo, Wai Tik Wang, and Qiongyan Zhuo. Social Mandarin (Book One). Singapore: SNP Publishing, pp. 163.
  • 2001, Shi, Jianguo. The sound system of Shuyang dialect, in Chinese Phonology in Generative Grammar, ed. De Bao Xu. New York: Academic Press, pp. 25-44.
  • 2002, Shi, Jianguo. Sound changes of the [n]-suffixation in Yiwu dialect 浙江義烏話的[n]尾韻及其音變, Dialects 方言 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 2: 169-176.
  • 2002, Shi, Jianguo. Historical sound changes of the medial [i] in Cantonese 從廣東境內[i]介音分布看近代粵語音變, Yuyan Yanjiu 語言研究 (HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology 華中科技大學), No. 3: 79-84.
  • 2002, Shi, Jianguo and Qiongyan Zhuo. Phonological comparison between Putonghua and Cantonese and its application to language learning 普粵語音比較與普通話教學, Chinese Language Studies中國語文通訊 (Chinese Language Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學), Vol. 63, pp. 48-55.
  • 2003, Shi, Jianguo. V-lOk in Cantonese and its equivalent in Mandarin 從粵語始成態“v落”看粵普對應及語言教學, Asia Pacific Journal of Language in Education 亞太語文教育學報 (Hong Kong Institute of Education 香港教育學院), Vol.6, No. 1: 115-127
  • 2003, Shi, Jianguo. Northern Mandarin of the Song dynasty and Shao Yong’sTiansheng Diyin table 宋代北方官話與邵雍“天聲地音”圖, Studies in Chinese Linguistics 中國語言學論叢, Vol. 3: 145-160.
  • 2004, Shi, Jianguo and Qiongyan Zhuo. A study on the effectiveness of immersion on the Putonghua of Hong Kong students 香港學生普通話沉浸前後語音調查, Chinese Language Studies中國語文通訊 (Chinese Language Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學), Vol. 70, pp. 16-30.
  • 2004, Zhang, Lijie, Qiongyan Zhuo, and Jianguo Shi. A comparison between English stress patterns and Mandarin rhythms 英語短語重音與漢語短語停延,Foreign Language Research 外語學刊, No. 2: 93-97
  • 2006, Shi, Jianguo. Historical comparative linguistics and sound changes in Cantonese歷史比較法與粵語歷史音變, in A Collection of Papers on Chinese Phonology 音韻論集. Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju 中華書局. Pp. 183-193.
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  • 2008 Shi, Jianguo. Insertion rules of tone sandhi in the Danyang dialect 丹陽話的“嵌入式”變調, Zhongguo Yuwen 中國語文 (Language Research Institute of the Social Sciences Academy of China 中國社會科學院語言研究所), No. 4: 339-348.
  • 2008, Shi, Jianguo. Re-analysis on Chinese syllable structure: data from Min dialects 從閩語看漢語音節結構, Chinese Studies in Global View 國際漢學集刊 (Beijing: China Social Sciences Press中國社會科學出版社), Vol. 2: 253-263.
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  • 2009, Keynote Speaker On Development of the [i] final in Hefei Dialect 論合肥話[i]韻的舌尖化, a keynote speech at the 15th International Conference on Chinese Dialects,  Dec. 2009, Macau.
  • 2009 On development of guttural initials in Yue dialects粵語牙喉音聲母今讀[j]音考, Journal of Cantonese Research 粵語研究, Vol. 4 & 5: 47-56.
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