Prof Damian SHAW

Prof Damian SHAW

Assistant Professor

Subject Leader of Literature
(853) 8822 8237

Consultation Hours
Mondays: 1.30pm-2.30pm
Tuesdays: 3.45pm-4.45pm

Or by appointment via


He graduated with a BA (Hons) from the University of Cape Town in 1990 and a PhD on the writings of Thomas Pringle from Cambridge University in 1997.

Research Interests

Damian’s main research interests relate to colonial writing of the Romantic and Victorian eras, including poetry, travel writing, and anti-slavery literature. He is particularly interested in representations of China and Africa during this period.

Damian would be interested in supervising MA theses on a variety of topics and welcomes any enquiries.

Courses Regularly Taught

He teaches mainly in the following areas at the University of Macau: Romantic period literature (including the Gothic), and survey courses.


Damian Shaw joined the University of Macau in 2008 and holds an assistant professorship. He has lectured in South Africa (1997-2002) and Quanzhou (2002-2008) in English Literature. He was a language researcher and specialist music editor for the Cambridge International Dictionary of English and enjoys writing occasional poetry.

Professional Affiliations

Modern Language Association

Editorial Board: Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies

Selected Publications

Shaw D. (2020). ‘A Question of Innocence: A Literary Motif in LONGUS, SHAKESPEARE, RICHARDSON AND HARRIET JACOBS’. ANQ, 34, 1-4.

Shaw D. (2019). ‘Natural vs Supernatural Agency in The Castle of Otranto’. Supernatural Studies, 6(1), 26-43. Open access:

Shaw D. (2019). ‘Lucian of Samosata, Tennyson’s “Ulysses”, and Joyce’s “Ulysses”.’ Notes and Queries, 66(2), 310-311.

Shaw D. (2019). ‘Suetonius, Paracelsus and the Flimsy Foundations of Physiognomy’. ANQ, 33, 1-2.

Shaw D. (2019). ‘Black Eyes, White Skin: An Aristocratic or Royal Type in Bram Stoker’s Writings’. In Bram Stoker and the Late Victorian World. Edited by Gibson M, and Mueller S. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 177-194 and 244-249.