Prof Ronald Ion Wa FONG

Prof Ronald Ion Wa FONG

Assistant Professor
(853) 8822 8214

Consultation Hours
Mondays and Thursdays 3pm-4pm

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He obtained his MPhil from Glasgow University, Scotland, specializing in the English Language, before he received training in generative and functional linguistics from other universities.

Research Interests

Ronald is interested in a wide range of topics in linguistics from syntax to sociolinguistics, which is reflected in his publications. He specializes in the interface between syntax and semantics, particularly in the constructionist models. His publications include editing a book on discourse and grammar to which Halliday and Fries contributed. He is also interested in popularizing linguistics and this has resulted in several articles of the subject in newspapers and journals.

Courses Regularly Taught

He typically teaches introduction to linguistics, English phonetics/phonology and English Grammar.


Ronald Fong joined the University of Macau in 1997 as Lecturer of English Studies.Ronald was Programme Coordinator of English Studies – General Programme before the Department of English was established. He was also a member of several search committees and was involved with the curriculum revision for linguistics.

Selected Publications
  • Fong, Ronald (scheduled to be published 2016) Chinese as Satellite-framed – a Constructional-cognitive Interpretation, Cognitive Linguistic Studies, Volumn 2
  • Fong, R. (2015). The Chinese ba as a Verb: a Constructional-Cognitive Approach. Open Journal of Modern Linguistics. Vol 5, p48-64.
  • Fong, R. (2015). A Constructional-Cognitive Analysis of Chinese Directionals. Cognitive Semantics. Vol 1, Issue 1, p104-130.
  • Fong, I.W.R. (2002). Linguistic theory and language education. Conference on Diversified Education.
  • Fong, I.W.R., W. Guthrie & S.Z. Ren, eds. (2001). Grammar and Discourse: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Discourse Analysis. Macau: Publications Centre, University of Macau.
  • Fong. I.W.R. (1999). Articles on contemporary linguistics in Macaodaily
  • Fong, I.W.R. (1999). Language planning and language strategy. Issues of the pre- and post-turnover of Macau. Also appears in The Linguistics Journal of Macau.
  • Fong, I.W.R. (1998). New developments in contemporary linguistics: introduction to construction grammar in Macaodaily.