Prof Katrine K. WONG

Prof Katrine K. WONG

Associate Professor

Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
(853) 8822 8239
E6-3114 (CTLE); E21-4083 (FAH)

Consultation Hours
Second Semester 2018/2019
Tuesdays 09:00-10:00
Fridays 11:30-13:00

Or by appointment via


She received in 2008 her PhD from University of Leeds where she taught on courses including Plays of Shakespeare.

Research Interests

Wong’s main research interests are music in theatre, English Renaissance Drama and Macao Studies. She is currently the Principle Investigator of MYRG project ‘Creative Writing: Pedagogy and Practices’. Completed projects funded by the University’s RSKTO (previously known as RDAO) include ‘Theatre of Macau’, ‘Contemporary Literature in English: Resource development and outreach’, ‘Shakespeare, Music, and Stage: A Theatrical Discourse in RSC Productions (1960-2006)’.
She would be interested in supervising graduate theses in the areas of English Renaissance Literature, Autobiography, Macao Studies, and Gender Studies.

Courses Regularly Taught
  • Shakespeare
  • The English Renaissance
  • Creativity (MOOC)
  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Shakespeare (MA)
  • Autobiography (MA)

Katrine Wong joined the University of Macau in 2008 and holds an associate professorship. She is an Associate of the Higher Education Academy. She teaches in the areas of English Renaissance Drama and Autobiography.

Wong is one of the instructors of ‘Creativity’ — UM’s first MOOC — launched in September 2018.

Wong is also a classically trained pianist and operatic soprano, holding professional titles of FTCL (Solo Piano) and LTCL (Voice Performance) from Trinity College London. She is Conductor of Coro Perosi of Macao.

How Operatic Soprano Sings Immortal Myths Alive Interview with Prof Katrine Wong



Professional Affiliations

Wong is a member of Society for Renaissance Studies, American Comparative Literature Association, Royal Music Association and Asian Shakespearean Association.


Awards & Honors

She was awarded a Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship in 2004.

Selected Publications
  • Wong, K. K. (2017) ‘Witches and Their Power and Agency in Brett Bailey’s Macbeth (2014)’, Adaptation, 10 (2): 262-283.
  • Wong, K. K. (2016) Review of the book China’s Macao Transformed: Challenge and Development in the 21st Century, edited by Eilo W.Y. Yu, Ming K. Chan. Pacific Affairs, 89:4.
  • Wong, K. K. (2016) On Confucius: A Trimetric Classic. Press of ZhongDao.
  • Wong, K. K. et al. (2016) The Three Ladies of Macao (dir. Wong, K. K.)
  • Wong, K. K. (2015) (Ed. & rev.) Catholic Music in Macao in the Twentieth Century: Music Writers and their Works in a Unique Historical Context. Macao: Cultural Instituto.
  • Wong, K. K. (2015). ‘A Dramaturgical Study of Conscience’s Broom Song in The Three Ladies of London’, Performance as Research in Early English Theatre Studies: The Three Ladies of London in Context
  • Wong, K. K., & Wei, G. (2013) (Eds.) Macau — Cultural interaction and literary representations. Oxford: Routledge.
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  • Wong, K. K. (2009). ‘A Dramaturgical Study of Merrythought’s Songs in The Knight of the Burning Pestle’, Early Theatre, 12.2.