Prof James Jian LI

Prof James Jian LI

Assistant Professor
(853) 8822 8233

Consultation Hours
Mondays: 10:30-11:30; Thursdays: 10:30-11:30; 14:00-16:00

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He received his doctorate in applied linguistics from Edith Cowan University, Australia, in 2000. His Ph.D. thesis is on film dialogue translation and the intonation unit from the perspective of functional linguistics.

Research Interests

James’ main research interests are in AVT and translation of spoken and written discourse with a view of comparative prosody. He is particularly interested in intercultural communication and translation, and translation between English and Chinese for special purposes.  He has presented his papers at a number of international conferences on translation studies and applied linguistics in various countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Spain and the UK since 1996.

James would be particularly interested in supervising MAs in the areas of AVT, translation of the media spoken discourse, and literary translation.

Courses Regularly Taught

His main teaching areas include audiovisual translation (AVT), interpretation (CI and SI), and literary translation.


James joined the University of Macau in 2007 and holds an assistant professorship. He started his tertiary teaching career in February 1982 with Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) on his graduation thereof. Before he came to serve UM, he had taught courses on English, translation and linguistics at colleges/ universities in Guangzhou, Perth (Australia), Toronto (Canada) and Taiwan. During most of the past three decades, James has also been actively engaged in translating and interpreting jobs as a freelancer.

Professional Affiliations

He is a member of the Translation and Culture Committee of FIT as well as a member of Federation for Translators and Interpreters Macau (FTIM).

Selected Publications
  • Hao H, LI, J, et al. (2016) Qualitative Interview for Chinese Medicine Research: Challenges and Prospects, Chapter 5 in Evidence-based Research Methods for Chinese Medicine, S. Leung and H. Hu (eds.), Springer Science+Business Media, Singapore, pp. 65-77.
  • Wang L, Suo S, Li, J, et al. (2016) An investigation into traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in China: development trend and medical service innovation. In International Journal of Health Policy and Management. 2016; 5(x):1–7.
  • GAO Z, LI, J. et al. (2016) Internationalization of Chinese Pharmaceutical Firms – Strategies and Drivers, Chapter 9 in Managerial Strategies and Practice in the Asian Business Sector, U Zeyar Myo Aung and Patricia Ordoñez de Pablos (eds.), a volume in the Advances in Logistics, Operations, and Management Science (ALOMS) Book Series, IGI Global, pp.150-168.
  • ZHANG M, LI, J. et al. (2015) Seizing the strategic opportunities of emerging technologies by building up innovation system: monoclonal antibody development in China. In Health Research Policy and Systems, 13:64 (2015), pp. 1-12.
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