Prof Meifang ZHANG

Prof Meifang ZHANG

Adjunct Professor

College Master of Cheong Kun Lun College

Consultation Hours
Monday & Wednesday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Or by appointment via


Meifang studied and undertook research at Sun Yat-sen University, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, London Middlesex University and University of Cambridge.

Courses Regularly Taught

Meifang teaches in the following areas: theoretical concepts in translation studies, translation for the media, discourse approaches to translation studies, translation research design and thesis writing.


Professor Zhang Meifang is Adjunct Professor of the Department and College Master of Cheong Kun Lun College. She joined the University of Macau in 2003, and held a full professorship. Previously, she was coordinator of MA in Translation Studies, convener of Minor in Translation and Head of the English Department. Prior to joining the University of Macau, Prof. Zhang was professor and head of the English Department of Sun Yat-sen University. Her research interests are in translation studies, discourse analysis, media and political discourse and translation, translation and intercultural studies.

Professional Affiliations
  • Vice President of the Macau Federation of Translators and Interpreters,
  • Council member and expert member of the Chinese Translators’ Association.
  • Associate Director of the Translation Theory and Translation Teaching Committee of the Chinese Translators’ Association.
  • Committee Member of the Chinese Committee of Language Services for The Belt & Road Initiative.
  • Life member of the Hong Kong Translators’ Society.
  • Member of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies.
  • Co-Editor in Chief of Babel: International Journal of Translation.
Awards & Honors

2018      University of Macau Professor Emeritus

2018      Long service Award 15 years at University of Macau

2015      First-class prize at the 4th Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Macau Foundation

2012      Outstanding Academic Staff Award 2012, for excellent contributions in teaching, Research and service, University of Macau

2011      UM Academic Staff Award for Excellent Performance of Teaching, Research and Services.

Selected Publications
  • Zhang, Meifang. & Jeremy Munday. (2018). “Introduction” to the special issue of Perspectives:  Innovation in discourse analytic approaches to translation studies, 26 (2), 159-165.
  • Luo, T. & Zhang Meifang. (2018). “Reconstructing cultural identity via paratexts: A case study on Lionel Giles’ translation of The Art of War”, in Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 26 (4), 593-611.
  • Qin, B. & Zhang Meifang. (2018). “Reframing translated news for target readers: A narrative account to news translation in Snowden’s disclosures”, in Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 26 (2), 261-276.
  • Zhang Xiaoyu & Zhang Meifang.(2018). (張簫雨 張美芳).修辭與說服——政治說辭批評分析模式探討,《外國語言與文化》第2卷 第3期,頁90-101.
  • Jeremy M. & Zhang, M.F. (2017). Discourse Analysis in Translation Studies, (The contents of this collection were previously published in Target 27:3, 2015), John Benjamins, 2017.
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