Prof Fangze CHEN

Prof Fangze CHEN

Associate Professor

Director of Centre for Japanese Studies
(853) 8822 8253

Consultation Hours
Tues, Wed & Thurs (14:00 - 16:00)

Or by appointment via

  • PhD in Japanese Studies (Hokkaido University)
  • MA in Japanese Studies (Hunan University)
  • BA in Japanese Studies (Shandong University)
Research Interests

Research Areas

  • Grammar and Pragmatics of Japanese
  • Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Study of Language and Culture
  • Chinese-Japanese Translation Studies

Research Projects

  • 2009-2011 Japanese Applied Linguistics Research
  • 2006-2010 Classic Japanese Grammar Research
  • 2006-2010 Modern Japanese Grammar Research

MA Thesis Supervision

  • Completed: XU Zhen (2002); CUI Yong (2004); XU Shudan (2004); LU Chunyan (2005); ZHANG Tao (2006); FENG Weiqiang (2006); ZENG Xiaoqing (2006); WANG Zhiqin (2006); CHEN Jieyu (2007); MA Xiaoyue (2007); ZHONG Xiaoguang (2007); YAN Mizhi (2008); ZHANG Xiaohua (2008); WU Wan (2009); WU Jiayan (2009); WANG Dandan (2010); GUAN Kaihan (2010); ZHONG Yanan (2010); ZHANG Xiujuan (2010)
  • On-going: CHANG Dandan (expected 2011); WANG Shouli (expected 2011); ZHANG Xiuge (expected 2011); PAN Juan (expected 2011); LIU Qiuying (expected 2011)

PhD Thesis Supervision

  • Completed: XU Shudan (2008); SU Ying (2008; NIE Zhonghua (2008); LU Chunyan (2009); MA Yajing (2009); ZHANG Jiwen (2009)
  • On-going: LIU Jue (expected 2011); YANG Liu (expected 2011); GAN Nengqing (expected 2011); WU Weiping (expected 2012); XIE Yuan (expected 2013)
Courses Regularly Taught
  • BJPN 441 Japanese History II
  • BJPN 456 Japanese Research Project I
  • BJPN 457 Japanese Research Project II
  • JPNB312 / JPNB322 Japanese Research Method I & II
  • JPNB454 / JPNB455 Selected Readings in Modern Japanese III & IV
Professional Affiliations
  • Director, Guangdong Section of the Chinese Association for Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Linguistics
  • Commissioner, the Pragmatics Association of China
  • Member of Editorial Board, Japanese Research of the Commercial Press
  • Researcher, National Key Research Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics of GDUFS
Selected Publications
  • 《概説日本文化史》(Easy History of Japanese Culture), Dalian University of Technology Press, 2010.
  • “日語書信中的拒?策略及其語用功能”(Strategies of Refusal and Pragmatic Functions in Japanese Letters: Take the Refusal Act against Request as an example), Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, No.6, 2009.
  • “日本語ナラ条件節におけるモダリティの形式と機能”(The Modality Forms and Functions in Japanese NARA-Conditional Clause), Kobe College Studies, Vol.55, No.1, 2008.
  • “日語‘それ+功能?’結構的詞彙化趨勢”(The Lexicalization Tendency of “Sore + Function Word” Structure in Japanese), Foreign Language and Literature Studies, No.3, 2007.
  • “「は」と「が」の意味について”(On the Meaning of WA and GA), in Exchanging Field between the Ulterior and the Interior, Daigaku Shorin Press, 2006.
  • “日本語の主題文の形成原理と情報構造”(The Formation Principles and the Information Structures of the Topic Sentence in Japanese), in The New Discovery of the Japanology, the Dunhuang Science and the Japanese Reading of Chinese Classics, Kyuko Shoin Press, 2005.
  • “關於日語的主題句”(On Japanese Topic Sentence), in Collection of Asian Languages and Cultures (3), Hong Kong Education Press, 2004.
  • 《日語句法研究》(Japanese Syntax Study), Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2003.
  • “日語教學中的主語問題”(On the Subject in Japanese Language Education), Japanese study and Research, No.1, 2002.
  • “日語格助詞的無形化及其原因”(The Disappearance of the Case Particle in Japanese and Its Causes), Modern Foreign Languages, No.4, 2001.
  • 《現代日語主題句研究》(Japanese Topic Sentence Study), Dalian University of Technology Press, 2000.