Dr Chap Fun CHEONG

Dr Chap Fun CHEONG

Assistant Professor

8822 4840

Consultation Hours
Mon & Thu: 11:00~12:00, 14:30~15:30

Or by appointment via chapfuncheong@um.edu.mo


MA: University of Macau

PhD: Hokkaido University

Research Interests

Smuggling and Goods Transportation in Pearl River Delta between Asia-Pacific War;
Macau Merchants in Sino-Japanese War; Puppet Government and Governor-General in
Sino-Japanese War; Economic War in Southern China between Asia-Pacific War Period

Courses Regularly Taught

JAPN4009 Macau, China and other Societies

JAPN4032 Japanese Society and Culture I

JAPN4033 Japanese Society and Culture II

JAPN4024 Special Topics in Social Sciences I

JAPN4026 Special Topics in Social Sciences III

JAPN4020 Special Topics in Humanities III


Selected Publications
  • From today’s Japanese constitution revision and Sino-Japanese relationship to look at Macau’s
    Japanese-learning students’ attitude (consciousness) towards Japan(「マカオで日本語を学んで
    2007-9, pp.245-252(Okinawa, Japan)
  • Study of the relationship between government and the Chamber of Commerce in the 1930’s from
    Guang Zhou Chamber of Commerce activities and the issue of banknote(「30 年代商人組織と政
    『Hokudai -shigaku』, No.54, 2014, pp.26-49(Hokkaido, Japan)
  • A Study of the Power Struggle inside Kuomindang in 1930s: The Changing Relationship between
    Hu Han-Min and Chiang Kai-Shek (「30 年代における国民党党内における権力闘争-胡漢民
    「往来函電稿」に見る寧粤対立の終焉-」), 『文学研究論集』, No.15, 2015(Hokkaido, Japan)
    Guang Dong Commerce Control Office and Sailboat Trading(「広東商統総会と帆船貿易」),
    『現代中国研究』,2016(Tokyo, Japan)(under review)