Prof Hélio ALVES

Prof Hélio ALVES

Associate Professor
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After schooling in Portugal, Great Britain and, for very brief periods, in the United States, he got his B. A. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (special subject: Russian) and M. A. in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of London, UK. Upon returning to Portugal, he took a Masters degree in Portuguese Literature and Culture from the Universidade Nova in Lisbon, before joining the University of Évora.

Research Interests

Prof. Alves is interested in supervising PhD students in Portuguese and European Renaissance rhetoric, poetry and poetics; Portuguese philology; intertextuality, intersubjectivity and cross-cultural contacts between early modern Portuguese literature and literatures in other languages; comparative literature (nationalisms, literary history, genre, literature and the arts) and literary theory and criticism, with special reference to Lusophone literature.


Hélio Alves joined the University of Macau as Associate Professor of Portuguese Literature in January 2019. Prior to this, he took a Doctorate in Portuguese Literature and a Agregação, the highest qualification in the Portuguese academic career. Apart from his long-standing contribution to the University of Évora, Portugal, Prof. Alves was invited to teach, examine and give academic talks in other Universities in Europe and the United States. As a researcher and author, he is a well-known scholar of Renaissance and Early Modern Portuguese and Comparative Literature.

Professional Experience

Apart from his regular activities in teaching, researching, administration and community outreach, Prof. Alves taught, examined and lectured at the Universities of Berlin (Freie), Coimbra, Harvard, Lisbon, New York (Graduate Center), Oxford, Paris-Sorbonne, Pavia, Rutgers and Yale, among others. He has been a referee for the national government institutions supporting R&D in Portugal, Spain and Italy. He is also past President of the Portuguese Comparative Literature Association (APLC), former Vice-Director of a Research Centre (CIDEHUS) and Head of the Masters Graduate School in U. Évora’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

Selected Publications


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