Dr Thomas BYRNE

Dr Thomas BYRNE

Post-doctoral Fellow

(853) 8822 8248


2018                      Ph.D. Philosophy. KU Leuven. No Corrections. Supervision: Ullrich Melle. Dissertation: Husserl’s Semiotics and Pure Grammar Reconsidered.

2011                       MPhil. Philosophy. KU Leuven. Magna Cum Laude. Supervision: Ullrich Melle.

2009                       MA. Philosophy. KU Leuven. Magna Cum Laude. Supervision: Rudolf Bernet.

2008                       BA. Philosophy and Economics. Supervision: Bruce Ellis Benson.

Research Interests

Phenomenology, Husserl, Axiology, Semiotics

Courses Regularly Taught

Introduction to Phenomenology, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophical Anthropology


Thomas Byrne (PhD, KU Leuven) is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Macau. His current research interests include the phenomenology of knowledge and the philosophy of feelings and emotions. He has recently published in Husserl Studies, the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, and Studia Phaenomenologica. In 2019, he has given invited talks at the University of Cardiff, the University of Budapest, and METU University in Ankara, amongst others.

Professional Experience

2019-2021            Postdoctoral Researcher. Philosophy. Talent Search Program. University of Macau.

2018-2019            Postdoctoral Researcher. Philosophy. KU Leuven.

2016                      Visiting Scholar. Philosophy. The New School for Social Research. Under: James Dodd.

2015                      Visiting Scholar. Philosophy. Fordham University. Under: John J. Drummond.

Professional Affiliations
  • Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.
  • The Husserl Circle.
  • European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions.
  • North American Society of Early Phenomenology.
  • Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy.
Awards & Honors

2019                       Post-Doctoral Funding. Project: Phenomenology of Emotions. University of Macau. 140,000 USD.

2018                       Post-Doctoral Funding. KU Leuven. 70,000 USD.

2018                       Kazimierz Twardowski Award. Polish Phenomenological Society. Cardinal Wysznyski University. 700 USD.

2017                       Travel Grant. Sêmainô Research Project. University of Lille. 200 USD.

Conference Papers and Other Presentations

Invited Talks

2020                       “Emotions and Feelings: A Novel Phenomenological Approach”. Zhejiang University. Hangzhou, China. May 9–10.

2019                       “The Expression of Meaning in Husserl’s Logical Investigations and its Revisions”. Annual Forum of Philosohy of Greater China. Bejing, China. December 2–4.

2019                       “Towards a Phenomenological Theory of Feelings and Emotions”. Middle Eastern Techncial University. Ankara, Turkey March 11.

2019                       “Rethinking Husserl’s Phenomenology of Feelings and Emotions”. University of Budapest. Budapest, Hungary. March 4.

2019                       “Husserl’s Phenomenology of Feelings Reconsidered. Cardiff University”. Cardiff, UK. February 7.

2018                       “Husserl’s Phenomenology of Emotions: A New Way Forward”. Cardinal Wysznyski University. Warsaw, Poland. March 8.

2017                       “Husserl’s Revisions to his Semiotics”. University of Lille. Lille, France. October 9.


Conference Activity

2019                       “Husserl and Brentano on the Truth of Emotions”. Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Continental Philosophy. University of Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia. December 4–6.

2019                       “A Defense of the Semantic Given: Husserl’s Theory of Categorial Intuition Reconsidered”. Demystifying the Given. Chinese Univeristy of Political Science and Law. Beijing, China. October 18–20.

2019                       “The Fulfillment of Emotional Intentions: An Exploration of Husserl’s 1909 Manuscript, ‘Is a Wish Fulfilled in Joy?’”. Husserl Circle. University of Lisbon. Lisbon, Portugal. May 13–16.

2018                       “Husserl’s Theory of the Truth of Feelings”. Traditions and Perspectives of the Phenomenological Movement in Central and Eastern Europe: Phenomenology of Emotions. University of Kaunas. Kaunas, Lithuania. October 17–19.

2017                       “Knowledge of Emotions from a Phenomenological Perspective”. European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. University of Madrid. Madrid, Spain. September 9–13.

2017                “The Feeling of Beauty: The Role of the Body in Aesthetic Experience”. Traditions and Perspectives of the Phenomenological Movement in Central and Eastern Europe: Phenomenology and Aesthetics. University of Riga. Riga, Latvia. June 20-23.

2016                “Husserl’s Sixth Logical Investigation and Aristotle: The Truth of Non-Objectifying Acts”. Aristotle and Phenomenology: Departures and Returns. KU Leuven. Leuven, Belgium. December 21–23.

2016                “Feelings ain’t True: Phenomenology and Axiology beyond Husserl”. Society for Phenomenological Philosophy: Phenomenology of Space. KU Leuven. Brussels, Belgium. November 18–19.

2016                “The Truthfulness of Bodily-Feelings. Or the Irrelevance of Neuroscience and Psychology”. European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. University of Athens. Athens, Greece. August 2–4.

2016                “The Ubiquity of Values: Phenomenological Axiology contra Drummond”. Phenomenology of Emotions. Systematic and Historical Symposium. North American Society for early Phenomenology. NYU. New York, USA. May 3–5.

2015                “Husserl’s Aristotelianism in the Logical Investigations”. The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy. NYU. New York, USA. December 9–11.

2015                “An anachronistic Conclusion?: Intersubjectivity in Husserl’s Logical Investigations”. The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. Emory University. Atlanta, USA. August 14–17.

2015                “Husserl’s Hinweistendenz: Expression and Truth”. The Husserl Circle. University of Helsinki. Helsinki, Finland. June 14–16.

2015                “Knowledge of Emotional Experience from a Phenomenological Perspective: Meaning and Intimation”. The European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. Edinburgh University. Edinburgh, Scotland. April 26–28.

2014                “Sincere and Objective Truth in the Sixth Logical Investigation”. The Husserl Circle. Dartmouth. Hanover, USA. May 3–5.


Workshop Talks at Home University

University of Macau

2019                “A Prolegomenon to Husserl’s Theory of Feelings and Emotions”. September 25.


KU Leuven

2017                “Doxic Intentionality in Logical Investigations and Ideas I. October 24.

2015                “Objectifying and Non-Objectifying Acts”. June 2.

2014                “Husserl’s Sixth Logical Investigation: Categorial Intuition”. April 2.

Selected Publications

Double Blind Peer Reviewed Articles

(1) 2020. Smashing Husserl’s Dark Mirror: Rectifying the Inconsitent Theory of Impossible meanings and Signitive Substance from the Logical Investigations. Axiomathes. Accepted: March 28, 2020.

(2) 2020. A “Principally Unacceptable” Theory: Husserl’s Rejection and Revision of His Philosophy of Meaning Intentions from the Logical Investigations. Studia Phaenomenologica. Accepted: March, 2020.

(3) 2020. Ingarden’s Husserl: The 1915 Review of the Second Edition of Logical Investigations. Horizon: Studies in Phenomenology. Accepted: Jan, 2020.

(4) 2020.Husserl’s Theory of Signitive and Empty Intentions in Logical Investigations and its Revisions: Meaning Intentions and Perceptions. The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology. 2020. Doi: 10.1080 / 00071773.2020.1743953

(5) 2020. Husserl’s 1901 and 1913 Philosophies of Perceptual Occlusion: Signitive, Empty, and Dark Intentions. Husserl Studies. Published Online: November 14. DOI: 10.1007 s10743-019-09255-5

(6) 2019. Husserl’s Early Genealogy of the Number System. Meta: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy. Volume 2, pp. 402–429.

(7) 2018. The Evolution of Husserl’s Semiotics: The Logical Investigations and its Revisions (1901-1914).  Bulletin d’Analyse Phénoménologique 5(14), pp. 1–23.

(8) 2017. Husserl’s Early Semiotics and Number Signs: Philosophy of Arithmetic through the Lens of “On the Logic of Signs (Semiotic)”. The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 48(4), pp. 287–303.

(9) 2017. Surrogates and Empty Intentions: Husserl’s On the Logic of Signs as the Blueprint for the First Logical Investigation. Husserl Studies 33(3) pp. 211–227.

(10) 2017. The Dawn of Pure Logical Grammar: Husserl’s Study of Inauthentic Judgments from ‘On The Logic of Signs’ as the Germ of the Fourth Logical Investigation. Studia Phaenomenologica 17, pp. 285–308.