FAH-DPORT: Information for Visa to Portugal

Last updated:16 Jul 2019

Regarding the study abroad please refer to important information provided to UM students joining exchange and study abroad programs. The information is provided by the Global Affairs Office of the UM and is available through the following link: Pre-Departure Notebook.

Please take note on the Check List of Documents

All Visa applications will be processed on a single schedule. Time will be confirmed once available.

Please check and fill-in the attached documents:


Visa Application Form

List of Documents

Declaration Template

Application Form Template

You are required to comply with all UM regulations, including the ones regarding Credit Transfer (article I. of the General Rules Governing Bachelor Degree Programmes).

Once you have obtained your Visa to study abroad, the following procedures should be followed before departure:

Before Departure

Submit to our office the following forms:

  1. Emergency Contact Sheet
  2. Student Agreement Form

Once we receive the appointment confirmation from the Portuguese Consulate, we will inform you. We hope it will be done this week.