Centre for Japanese Studies

One-Year Exchange Programme

The Centre emphasizes interdisciplinary studies together with Japanese language study. The exchange students can take courses from various fields such as management, business, law, Japanese language, and humanities and social science courses together with native Japanese students in Japan. This makes our centre very competitive compared to other programmes in China.

Students are able to study in Japan either in the exchange programme hosted by the Centre for Japanese Studies or by the Global Affairs Office (GAO) at UM.

One Year exchange programme by CJS

The Centre for Japanese Studies sends more than 20 students to study for a whole year at 15 universities in Japan during their fourth year.

These universities are:

One-year exchange programme through the Global Affairs Office

Students can also study at universities in Japan for a long-term exchange programme though the Global Affairs Office at the University of Macau.

The list of undergraduate exchange programmes (international)