Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – FAH!

FAH is the home to over 1,600 students who are studying within eight departments and centres, which offer a wide range of programmes, including Chinese Language and Literature, English Studies, History, Translation Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Portuguese Language and Literature, Japanese Studies, Arts and Design, etc.

Located in Macao – the historical gateway between China and the West and today a vibrant multi-cultural society – FAH offers an ideal place for students to engage in studies of the humanities, exploring meanings, history, values and ethics of human experiences. It is also an ideal place to develop cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communicative competence in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Portuguese, in addition to skills that allow graduates to navigate freely in different global contexts. With its dedicated professors, talented students and creative curricula, FAH is committed to delivering learning opportunities to our students for the following essential learning outcomes: advanced fluency in language and expression, independent thinking, critical enquiry, creative imagination and respect for different cultures.

None of these would occur without our outstanding faculty members who come from world-renowned universities with rich international experience in innovative teaching and quality research. They are committed not only to fulfilling the educational mission, but also to the advancement of humankind with groundbreaking research. Scholarly pursuits at FAH cover a wide range of humanities disciplines, including Comparative Literature in Chinese, English and Portuguese, Studies of Translation of Chinese, English and Portuguese, Comparative Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophies and Religions, Cultural Interaction between China and Foreign Countries, the History and Culture of Macao, and Cultural Creativity. Many of our colleagues are either highly accomplished scholars with national and international reputation or rising stars in their fields. Additionally, our faculty members also benefit from the opportunities of inter-disciplinary research collaborations conducted at the Centre for Data Science, the Centre for Artificial Intelligence, and the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

This is a vibrant and exciting faculty on the beautiful campus of the University of Macau. We look forward to welcoming you here whether you are a new student, a new colleague, a collaborator or a visitor.

Jie Xu, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Distinguished Professor of Chinese Linguistics