Department of Japanese


The Department of Japanese of Faculty of Arts and Humanities is established for nurturing professionals equipped with knowledge of Japanese language and culture.  Department of Japanese offers systematical training on general Japanese language skills from beginner to advanced levels, and language courses with emphasis on business, as well as content cultural courses. In their future careers, students graduating from Department of Japanese will be able to utilize Japanese language with a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture.


  • All teaching staff is experienced and capable to teach in multiple languages including Japanese language.
  • Students are able to practice their language skills inside and outside the classroom on a daily base with native speaking teaching staff and internship Japanese students.
  • Students are provided opportunities to study in Japan by participating in summer programmes and one-year exchange programmes.
  • Certificate of Minor in Japanese Studies is also available.

Signature Activities

Beyond regular course study, the Centre offers opportunities for students to utilize Japanese with native speakers outside of class.

Speech Contest

Japanese Speech Contest in Hong Kong

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures on Japanese language and culture/p>

Oshaberi Hiroba

Gather and communicate with student trainees from Japan in an informal setting



Our staff have engaged in and are working on following projects:

  • A Study on Jesuit Missionary’s Contributions to Japanese Linguistics
  • Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Study on Sentence Types: Chinese SHI Sentence and Japanese Noun-Predicate Sentence
  • A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to the Semantic Correspondence of Attribute and Adverbial in Japanese and the Contrastive Study with Chinese
  • The triangular network for trade and commerce in Southern China, the localism and neutrality in the occupied areas during the World War Two.