“Feel its way, admire its grace”

Feel the ambience of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UM:

Why FAH?

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) of the University of Macau is ideally placed to engage with, and contribute to, the special qualities of Macao, since as a Faculty it is concerned fundamentally with studying the diversity of human experience and the stories, ideas and words that help us to make sense of who we are and of our place in the modern world. Our approach to the diversity of human experience emphasizes the systematic study of languages and literatures, of key ideas and frameworks of belief, especially of those peoples who have helped to shape Macao.


Our Programmes

FAH excels in providing holistic education and transferable skills. Our students benefit from continuous exposure to the intricacies of language, culture, history and thought. We believe that with strong language abilities, we can touch hearts and open doors and vistas. With discriminating thought, we can pursue questions essential to human beings and shape the future.


Pedagogical Innovation

We have been working on creating a unique environment for teaching and learning language.  Our strengths lie in our emphasis on small-classes and pedagogical innovation

International Teaching Team

Our teaching team consists of teachers and teaching assistants from more than 20 countries and regions.  This helps students perfect their language skills and also encounter the riches of other cultures.

Overseas Experience

Overseas study is also an important part of our curricula, as we encourage students to have a global vision while maintaining strong roots at home.

Study Abroad

FAH is dedicated to providing overseas study experiences to our students and thus overseas study is a component in our curricula. Overseas study experiences provide students with the international exposure that prepares them for an increasingly global workplace.

Exchange Partners

Career Opportunities

Through exploration of the arts and humanities, students get the opportunities to prefect their language skills and learn how to think and reason creatively and critically. These skills not only open up a range of specialist careers to you, such as translator and language teacher, but also make you more employable to any company. In many areas, language and cultural skills are an enormous advantage, for example, tourism/hospitality, journalism and retail/trade.


Through the arts and humanities we study the ways we have of being human and making sense of our human experience. In our emphasis on language, on creativity, on imagination, on translation, on reflection, we go to the heart of what it is to be human.

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