Research Projects with External Funding

First Name Surname Project Title (in English) Project Title (in Chinese) Project Start Date Project End Date
Ricardo MOUTINHO Investigating guided-tour interactions in astronomical observatories 研究天文館之天文導賞互動 17/09/2019 16/09/2022
Katherine CHEN A Discourse Analysis of Mindfulness-based Intervention in the Treatment and Prevention of Clinical Depression 以話語分析正念認知療法如何有效治療和預防臨床抑鬱症 24 July 2020 23 July 2022
Vincent  WANG HOPE and PAIN in the Time of a Pandemic: A corpus-based study of metaphor and synaesthesia in Macau 瘟疫期間的希望與痛楚-基於澳門語料的隱喻和通感研究 24 July 2020 23 July 2022
Mario CAMS 2.0 N/A 24 July 2020 23 July 2022
Nevia DOLCINI The Moral Roots of Quarantine: East and the West 隔離的道德根源:在肆虐東西方的大流行病下對於隔離的道德維度比較研究 31/08/2020 30/08/2022