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English Language Centre


The English Language Centre (ELC) was established in 2002 and joined the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in 2015. ELC works with other departments to encourage and help students to improve their skills and confidence with general, academic, and professional English. The Centre provides a range of English language enhancement courses aimed at meeting the needs of students at the university.


The mission of the ELC is to empower students to succeed in University studies and in life by engaging them in English, academic, and global skills learning.


The ELC vision is to become a leading English centre in the region through its student-centred pedagogy, effective curriculum and assessment, innovative use of technology in teaching, collaboration and professional sharing within UM, Macao, and the world.

Teaching and Activities

Over twenty experienced and dedicated instructors who have at least a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, TESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language) or related field of expertise are employed at the Centre. The instructors bring a wealth of global experience and are able to draw upon knowledge of applied linguistics as well as current trends in language learning pedagogy and emerging multi-media technologies as they implement integrated-skill courses in English. In addition, the ELC conducts activities, and other special events to develop learners’ fluency and confidence in English.

During the regular academic year, the ELC offers a variety of courses and electives. While during summer, ELC offers Summer English Immersion Programme which is designed to prepare incoming freshmen for English-medium education at UM. About 300 students each year go through a four-week intensive training in an immersive English environment, living and communicating with native speakers on a daily basis. Students reported positively about the learning experience which helps them adjust to University learning. ELC staff had published in peer-reviewed international journals in 2017 and 2018 about the pedagogy of the Summer Programme.


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