Faculty of Arts and Humanities Students’ Association Cabinet 2024

Post Name Major
President CHEN YUCHENG Portuguese Studies
Vice President PUN WENG Japanese Studies
Vice President HUANG HUIYING Japanese Studies
Secretary General LYU XINJIE History
Vice-Secretary CHEN YIWEI English Studies
Treasurer General CHONG CHI MEI English Studies
Vice-Treasurer TAI PUI SAN Portuguese Studies
Head of Recreation Dept. ZHAN CHIWENG History
Vice-head of Recreation Dept. GU MI Portuguese Studies
Head of Public Relations Dept. LEI SIN IO Japanese Studies
Vice-head of Public Relations Dept. VAN UT TENG Education (English)
Head of Publicity and design Dept. ZHU SIYING Japanese Studies
Vice-head of Publicity and design Dept. CHONG MOK IN Chinese Language and Literature
Head of General Affairs Dept. KONG CHI CHENG History
Vice-head of General Affairs Dept. HU ZIQI Portuguese Studies

Contact Email:umsu.fahsa@umac.mo