The Faculty has various facilities devoted to student development and research, including:

Black Box Theatre E21-G036
Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory E21-G049
Linguistics Laboratory E21-G050
Language Assessment Seminar Room E21-2103
Language Laboratories E21-1038, E21-1040, E6-2111, E6-2113
English Writing and Communication Centre E7-1022

For the University Facilities, please have a look at Student Facilities and Sports Facilities.

Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre was designed and continues to be developed as a fully-functional 100-seat theater for the presentation of plays and parts of plays, for the rehearsal of performances, and for other presentations and gatherings. As a theatrical space it serves the performance component of a number of courses run by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. At other times, it serves as a venue for programs developed in other faculties, in the residential colleges, and by student groups.


Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory

Specially designed for training conference interpreters, this professional language laboratory is probably the best venue of its kind in the region. Fitted with the state-of-the art Sanako language teaching and learning system, multimedia equipment and built-in soundproof SI booths, the lab is a space where situations of real-life multilingual meetings can be simulated.

The lab has the capacity of allowing up to 40 students practicing simultaneous interpreting at a time. Students can listen to/watch a live or pre-recorded audio-visual source and have their oral interpretation recorded simultaneously. All recordings, which are stored in digital files, can be easily collected and distributed, thus allowing sufficient evaluation and reflective learning.

Linguistics Laboratories

The Linguistics Lab is currently equipped with two recording studios and one editing room, which provide FAH academic staff and students with the audio-visual recording, playback, and computer equipment for their data collection and analysis in research related to phonetics, sociolinguistics, and inter-cultural communication.

Language Assessment Seminar Room

This Room is equipped with specialised softwares such as SPSS, ITEMAN, MULTILOG, EQS, Mplus, COH-Metrix, which is a space devoted to learning and research activities related to language assessment, a venue for seminars and workshops, a site for data collection (tests, for example) and a workspace for students and faculty members.

Language Laboratories

Equipped with Sanako language teaching and learning system, the language laboratories are where students perfect their language skills.

English Writing and Communication Centre

The English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC) was established in 2003. Its mission is to support UM students as they emerge as competent writers and confident users of the English language. In the writing centre, tutors work collaboratively with students from all disciplines and proficiency levels to guide them through their writing processes. Apart from writing consultations, the writing centre also offers a variety of academic support such as speaking consultations, academic/study-skills workshops, chat rooms, and other English-related activities. It also publishes an annual student-authored magazine the EWCC Review for the reading pleasure of the UM community.

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