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Situated on the Pearl River Delta at the gateway to China, Macau has a long and rich history that has been shaped by over five centuries of interaction and exchange between the East and the West. With an internationally recognised, award-winning staff, the Department of History is at the forefront of promoting an understanding of the region’s vibrant past and offers excellence in historical research as well as high quality teaching and supervision.

Shaping the future depends on understanding the past. Students who study history discover how the past gave rise to our modern interconnected world from a plurality of perspectives. In doing so, history majors engage with the widest range of topics, including politics and government, war and society, religion and the arts, intellectual and cultural life, gender and ethnicity, and other themes. They are trained to make appropriate and critical use of textual and material resources and learn to become storytellers who are able to speak to broad and diverse audience. Being familiar with the complexities of past human experience, they are well sought after and prepared for various careers in many fields.

Coffee-tea with Professors

  • Each time, we have a topic related to the college study or college life of the students.
  • We aim to create more direct communication opportunities between professors and students and a better learning environment.
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The Galleries: Sources, Voices, Histories

This exhibition is honoured to belong to the initiatives encouraged by Sub-Committee on Education and Research, UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

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