Department of Arts and Design

The newly established Department of Arts and Design (DAD) of Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Macau, consists of a team of prestigious art historians and practicing artists, and hence emphasizes on both artistic research and artistic creation. In line with Macao’s historical and cultural status in the world, the mission of DAD is to help students enter the frontier of humanities and scientific research, engage in active artistic and academic pursuits that cut across the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary, between China and the world, and fully serve the society.

The objective of the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Programme is to cultivate professional artists with the specialties of “Chinese painting”, “Western painting” and “digital and new media art”, as well as cultural and creative talents engaged in transcultural art exchanges and MICE undertakings, in line with the Macao SAR Government’s cultural strategy of moderate diversification.

The Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA) Programme takes the concepts of “greatness” and “creation” as the foundation of the curriculum, aiming to provide an excellent interdisciplinary platform for artistic exploration and development, expand students’ creative, theoretical and critical skills, and enable them to devote themselves to creative artists, and art teaching and research experts, and thus become outstanding cultural and creative leaders.