Department of Arts and Design

Department of Arts and Design (DAD) at the University of Macau focuses on education, research and service in the fields of arts, design, and digital media.  DAD collaborates with the Centre for Arts and Design, Department of Communication, Department of History, and the Faculty of Education for MA and PhD programs in Visual Communication to cultivate talents in art, design, and creative media for Macao and the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Through establishing a platform for international exchange and collaborations in interdisciplinary research projects, DAD endeavors to promote creativity in the fields of arts, design, and digital media internationally. While technologies and art are inseparably associated, it is our hope that their synthesis could be utilized to diversify Macao’s economy, enhancing the development of the cultural and creative industry, and to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for Macao towards a world-class tourism and leisure center.