2019 Creative Writing Contest– Storytelling Final Event

19 Dec 2019

After a month of progressing and hard work, the Creative Writing Contest was successfully held in the Black Box Theatre last week. Among all the outstanding works that we had received in the first half of the month, five excellent works were shortlisted and were comprehensively presented in the final. Each story carried its uniqueness and originality which provided a broader view on our theme—A Better World. Some started from a perspective of family, love while some started from society, criminology, politics which were very diverse and amazing.

Even though all the performances of the five candidates were splendid and remarkable, it was time for judges to make the hard decision.

The awards are as follow:

The 1st prize goes to Ms. Cassie, Lin Jun

The 2nd prize goes to Mr. Raymond, Tong Yuyuan

The 3rd prize goes to Ms. Emily, Cheng Hongzhen

The two excellent prizes go to Mr. Tony, Yang Ruidong and Mr. Isaac Kaiser respectively.

Congratulation to all the winners and thank you for your participation and effort on preparing for this contest. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to our judges—Mr. Kevin Maher, Ms. Stephanie Bowles and Mr. Rishi Ling who made this event meaningful. Thank you for our co-coordinator—Ms. Azita Kuok who had been supporting us from preparation to the end of this event. Last but not least, thank you all the ELTAs who had been fighting and working seriously in organizing this event as well as the audiences who attended the contest. There will be more interesting and useful workshops in the future. Please keep in touch and hope to see you again in the next semester!