We have a strong team of internationally recognized faculty members engaged in innovative, multi-disciplinary research devoted to bringing about new insights into the fields of English translation, literature, linguistics, and second language acquisition. Research from the department is published in top-tier journals and books in our respective disciplines. Many of our faculty serve as editors to leading journals and book series, and regularly deliver invited talks to internationally renowned conferences and symposia. Currently, our faculty is involved in the following research projects:

Research and publication in translation studies has adopted both theoretical and empirical research methods in studying a diverse range of areas: neuro-cognitive translation and interpreting processes, corpus-assisted translation and interpreting studies, translation and interpreting curriculum and pedagogy, literary and cultural translation, translation technology and so forth.

Research and publication in literature has focused on a diverse range of works in the following areas: literary modernism, the gothic, Holocaust education, Elizabethan literature, contemporary fiction, film studies concentrating on Chinese film, Romanticism, slave narratives, trauma studies, and literatures relating to postcoloniality and diaspora.

Research and publication in linguistics focus on work in the areas of World Englishes, popular culture, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, cognitive grammar, and language acquisition grammar.

Research and publication in SLA focus on theoretical and empirical studies investigating individual differences in language acquisition, language assessment, second language writing, second language listening, classroom discourse, conversation analysis, and cognition and language learning.


International Forum for Advanced Research in English Studies

Since 2010 the Department of English has hosted the International Forum for Advanced Research in English Studies.  The role of the Forum is to foster advanced research, focusing initially on the three research clusters that represent the specialist interests of faculty: English Linguistics, Literary Studies and Translation Studies.  Through engagement with key researchers from other leading institutions and the publication of high-quality research in internationally-recognized mediums, the Forum aims to build strong networks not only within the University of Macau but beyond in the international research community. The inaugural international roundtable seminar, “Changing Discourses of Broadcast News” was successfully held in December 2010 with the participation of faculty, postgraduate students, and leading figures in the field from Australia, Greece, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the US.


Research Projects

Projects funded by the University of Macau Research Committee from 2008 to 2011

Start YearPrincipal InvestigatorProject Title
2011John Corbett(a) Intercultural Approaches to Language Education (b) A History of Literary Scots Orthography
2011Hari VenkatesanWiki as Pedagogical Tool for Translation: Social Constructivism in Action
2011Vincent WangCohesion in Chinese and English: Evidence from comparable and parallel corpora
2010Martin MontgomeryThe Discourse of Broadcast News: A cross-linguistic, cross-cultural comparison.
2010Katrine WongShakespeare, Music, and Stage: A Theatrical Discourse in RSC Productions (1960-2006)
2010Vincent WangHow do translators deal with linguistic differences: a descriptive study of literal translation between Chinese and English
2009Christopher KelenNational Songs of the New Balkan States
2009Lee ErwinJean Rhys’s Early Novels and Interwar Literary Culture
2009Vincent WangHow Chinese EFL Learners Make Requests: A Context-based and Formulae-based Examination
2009William Patrick CoyneA Bio-Bibliography of Alice Duer Miller, American Writer, 1874–1942
2009Zhang MeifangTranslation for the Media
2008Andrew MoodyLanguage Maintenance and Shift in Macau
2008Kuong Io Kei, JoaquimFormation of Interrogatives by Chinese Speakers: L1 Competence and L2 Acquisition of Grammatical Properties in English Questions
2008Pang Kam-Yiu, SunnyInvestigation into the Cognitive-Semantic Basis of the English Reflexive Pronoun (REF) through Elicited Visual Representations (EVRs)
2008Vincent WangTwo Translations of FuSheng LiuJi: An Examination of Request Realization Patterns