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To cultivate enthusiasm for Chinese history and culture and enhance the knowledge of excellent Chinese traditional culture, the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) at the University of Macau is launching the “Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador” training program. This program includes share meetings, symposiums, lectures, seminars, and exchange programs, striving to make students become the backbone force committed to the dissemination of Chinese history and culture. The term of the Promotion Ambassador is two years and is renewable. 

Organizer: The Centre for Chinese History and Culture, University of Macau

※ 計劃目的 Program Purpose
● 提高對中國及澳門歷史的認識
Enhance awareness of the history of China and Macao;
● 提高學生的文化質素
Improve the cultural education of students;
● 傳承優秀中國傳統文化
Inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture;
● 透過成為“中國歷史文化推廣大使”,鞏固愛國愛澳意識
Strengthen patriotism and cultivate affection for Macao by becoming a Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador.

※ 招募對象 Requirements
● 在澳門本地就讀大學的學生(包括本科及研究生)
University students in Macao (including undergraduate and graduate students)
● 對中國歷史文化感興趣
Interested in Chinese history and culture;
● 具有責任感、積極參與、投入度高
Student who are responsible, actively participate, and have a high level of commitment.

※ 成功加入的你將有機會 After joining successfully, you could have the opportunities to:
● 獲得“中國歷史文化推廣大使”委任狀*
Obtain the certificate of ” Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador”;
● 參與中國歷史文化中心舉辦的培訓計劃
Participate in the study organized by the CCHC;
● 參與中國歷史文化中心舉辦交流等活動
Join in exchange and other activities held by the CCHC

※查詢 Enquiries:
中國歷史文化中心唐小姐或何小姐 Ms. Stephenie Tong  or Ms. Fong Ho of CCHC
電話Tel: 8822 4028 / 8822 9956; 電郵Email: cchc_adm@um.edu.mo

*The Centre for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau has the right to interpret and modify the program