FAH hosts orientation session to welcome over 250 new UG students of year 2020/2021

22 Sep 2020

First lecture

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) hosted an orientation for UG programmes to welcome over 250 new undergraduate students on 3rd September 2020 to help them adjust to the life at UM.

Interim Dean Xu Jie of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities led the session “First lecture” for the young and excited undergraduate students joining the University of Macau. Due to the social distancing policy, students were not able to assemble and the “First lecture” was delivered through Zoom instead. In spite of the physical distance between the speaker and the students, students showed their excitement and enthusiasm as Interim Dean Xu talked about his views on life and learning.

Interim Dean Xu opened the session by explaining the meaning of “Humanities”, describing it as “the study of how people process and document the human experience”. He also highlighted some differences between high school and university, stressing that students need to adopt a series of learning strategies to make a smooth and successful transition to university.

After the first lecture, various departments and programmes conducted briefing sessions to prepare students for the new academic year at UM.

Department of Portuguese

Department of History

Department of English

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Centre for Japanese Studies