Minor Program in Philosophy (PYM)

Last updated:18 Feb 2016

Program Objectives

The minor in philosophy is designed to offer students the opportunity to receive rigorous academic training in the three major areas of philosophical inquiry, i.e., the history of philosophy, practical inquiry into issues of ethics and politics, and theoretical inquiry into issues of knowledge, mind, and reality. In view of the unique historical legacy of Macao, the proposed program will place a particular emphasis on comparative themes, especially the philosophical dialogues between the Western and Eastern traditions.

Requirements for the Minor

The minimum GPA requirements for application for this Minor should follow the GPA requirements as stipulated in the “General Regulations for Minor”: A student who wishes to declare a minor should achieve accumulative GPA not less than 2.0 (Grade C). In order to ensure that all minors are familiar with the breadth of philosophical inquiry, students who intend to pursue a minor in philosophy must take a minimum of eight 3-credit courses from the list below. (Courses marked with “*” are offered in 2008-09)

Core Courses (9 credits)

The following courses are required of all minors.

  • Western Philosophy: An Introduction 西方哲學導論 *
  • Asian Philosophy: An Introduction 亞洲哲學導論 *
  • Introduction to Logic 邏輯學導論 *

Elective Courses (15 credits)

Apart from the core courses, every minor is expected to take at least five elective courses including:

  • Ancient and Medieval European Philosophy 古代及中世紀歐洲哲學 *
  • Modern European Philosophy 近現代歐洲哲學 *
  • Contemporary Philosophy in the West 當代西方哲學
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Learning, Memory, and Cognition 學習、記憶和認知
  • (cross-listing with Department of Psychology) *
  • The History of Chinese Philosophy 中國哲學史
  • Buddhist Philosophy 佛教哲學 (contingent upon new faulty recruitment)
  • Comparative Ethics 比較倫理研究
  • Western Political Thought 西方政治哲學 (cross-listing with Department of Government and Public Administration) *
  • Introduction to Contemporary Political Theory 當代西方政治思想 (cross-listing with Department of Government and Public Administration) *
  • Human Rights and Cultural Values 人權與文化價值 *