Prof Jingwei ZHANG

Prof Jingwei ZHANG

Assistant Professor
8822 8241

Consultation Hours
星期二、五 10:00-11:00

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Ph.D. degree, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Utrecht University 荷兰乌特勒支大学 (2014)
Master degree, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Department of Chinese,

Nanjing University 南京大学 (2009)

Bachelor degree, Programme of Intensive Instruction in Liberal Arts,

Kuang Yaming Honors College, Nanjing University 南京大学 (2007)

Research Interests

Language Variation and Change 语言变异与变化

Sociophonetics 社会语音学

Language Planning and Language Policy 语言规划与语言政策


Courses Regularly Taught

Modern Chinese 现代汉语

Chinese Sociolinguistics 汉语社会语言学

Topics in Theories of Chinese Linguistics 汉语语言学理论专题

Chinese Languages and Chinese Communities 中国语言与华人社会


Selected Publications


Zhang, J. 2014. A Sociophonetic Study on Tonal Variation of the Wúxī and Shànghǎi Dialects, Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap (LOT), ISBN: 9789460931529.


Journal Articles:

Zhang, J. 2020. 澳门公共语言空间的语言管理——以报纸和政府网站为例. 《澳门研究》,第1期,106-113页。Language Management in the Public Linguistic Space of Macao: Cases of newspapers and government websites (in Chinese), Journal of Macau Studies, pp. 106-113.

Cao, X. & Zhang, J. 2020. 语言多样性与社会经济发展相关性的再认识. 《语言文字应用》,第1期,30-39页。Re-understanding of the correlation between Linguistic Diversity and Socioeconomic Development (in Chinese), Applied Linguistics, pp. 30-39. (CSSCI)

Zhang,J. 2020. 言语社区视角下的语言活力. 《云南师范大学学报(哲社版)》,第1期,32-39页。A Study of Language Vitality from the perspective of Speech Community (in Chinese), Journal of Yunnan Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences), No.1, pp.32-39. (CSSCI)

Zhang,J. 2020. 澳门青年语言态度调查. 《语言战略研究》,第1期,59-70页。A Survey of Macao Youth’s Language Attitudes (in Chinese), Chinese Journal of Language Policy and Planning, 5(1), pp. 59-70.

Zhang,J. 2019. 共时音变路径的实证分析——一项吴语声调变异的社会语音学研究,《语言科学》,第6期,581-595页。Tracing the Route of a Sound Change in Progress with Empirical Data: A sociophonetic study on the tonal variation in the Wu dialect (in Chinese), Linguistic Sciences,6,pp. 581-595. (CSSCI,人大复印报刊资料《语言文字学》2020年第6期全文转载)

Zhang,J., Zhang, Y. & Xu, D. 2019. A Variationist Approach to Tone Categorization in Cantonese, Chinese Language and Discourse 10(1), pp. 1-16. (Scopus)

Zhang, J. 2019. Tone Mergers in Cantonese: Evidence from Hong Kong, Macao, and Zhuhai, Asia-Pacific Language Variation 5(1), pp. 28-49.


Book Chapters:

Zhang, J. 2020. 语言与社会,载曹贤文等编著《语言多棱镜——跨领域的语言学引导》,北京:外语教学与研究出版社,109-128页。Language and Society, in Cao Xianwen et al. eds, Through the Language Prism: An introduction to Linguistics from interdisciplinary perspectives (in Chinese), pp.109-128, Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Zhang, J. 2020. 澳门回归后的语言生活,载国家语言文字工作委员会组编《中国语言生活状况报告(2020)》,北京:商务印书馆,290-294页。Language Life in Macao after its Returning to China (in Chinese), in State Language Commission of the PRC (ed.) Language Situation in China: 2020, pp. 290-294, Beijing: The Commercial Press.

Yu, W., Jiang, S., & Zhang,J. 2019. 上海市外国人聚居区的多语文化景观及其语言规划问题——以古北国际社区为例,载苏智良、陈恒主编《城市:历史、现实与想象》,上海:上海三联出版社,89-100页。Multilingual Landscapes of Transnational Immigrant Communities in Shanghai and Language Planning: the Case of Gubei International Community (in Chinese), in Su, Z. & Chen, H. (Eds)  City: History, reality and imagination, Shanghai Joint Publishing, pp. 89-100, ISBN: 9787542667694. (CSSCI monograph)

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