Dr Kuai Chan IP

Dr Kuai Chan IP

Part-Time Staff

8822 2722

Consultation Hours
星期二 17:30-18:30 ; 星期五 13:00-14:00

Or by appointment via sytrueip@hotmail.com

  • PhD in Theory of Literature and Art (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University, China)
  • MA in Literature Studies (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, University of Macau, Macau)
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature (College of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University, China)
  • Double BA in English (School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Beijing Normal University, China)
Research Interests
  • Macau History and Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Sinophone Literature
Courses Regularly Taught
  • Topics in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Writers (CHNB250)
  • World Chinese Literature (CHNB251)
  • Chinese Language and Culture (GELH001)
Selected Publications

Articles and Book Chapters

  • 《敘事劇<望廈1849>的異托邦營構》“Creating Heterotopias: Mong-Há 1849.”《澳門研究》Journal of Macau Studies, No.76 (2015): 148-162.
  • 《文化書寫困境與陷阱——從香港“第三空間”到澳門“中西文化交匯之地”》“Dilemmas and Traps of Cultural Discourses: From Hong Kong as ‘A Third Space’ to Macau as ‘A Melting Pot of Sino-Western Culture’.”《城市文化評論》Comments on Urban Culture (Guangzhou: Flower City Publishing House), Vol.10 (2013): 179-186.
  • 《新移民文學的詩藝追求:戲外詩心》“The Poetic Heart outside the Theatre.” (Section 3 of Chapter VIII)《新移民文學的先鋒氣質:戲劇天地裡的“戲”說與“正”說》 “‘Jesting Remarks’ and ‘Serious Criticisms’ on Theatre.” (Section 2 of Chapter X)《澳門新移民文學與文化散論》On Macau’s New Immigrant Literature and Culture. Ed. Shoutong Zhu. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2010. 160-162, 184-189.
  • 《荒原上的後樂園——從〈後現代主義與文化理論〉談起》“Our Post Wonderland Built on the Wasteland: Reflections on Fredric Jameson’s Postmodernism and Cultural Theories.”《澳門筆匯》Pen of Macau, No.37 (2008): 79-84.
  • 《幽清孤峭之意蘊——試論柳宗元“獨得”之佛禪解讀》“On Liu Zongyuan’s Interpretation of ‘Self-Acquirement’ and Zen Buddhism.”《文教資料》Data of Culture and Education, No.381 (2007): 44-46.


Conference Papers

  • “Unfinished Narrative: Macau Cultural Identity in Postcolonial Context.” International and Interdisciplinary Conference: “Meaning, Identity and Culture: East and West”, Kolkata, India, December 2010.
  • 《文化書寫困境與陷阱——從香港“第三空間”到澳門“中西文化交匯之地”》“Dilemmas and Traps of Cultural Discourses: From Hong Kong as ‘A Third Space’ to Macau as ‘A Melting Pot of Sino-Western Culture’.” Heteroglossia of Chinese Literature: The First Chinese Symposium for Doctoral Students in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Beijing, October 2010.
  • 《香港文化身份的未完成時態——以李碧華的小說為研究個案》“Unfinished Positioning of Hong Kong Cultural Identity: A Study of Li Pik-wah’s Novels.” The Third Macau Conference on Culture, Macau, December 2008.


Literary Works and Art Reviews

  • Works including poems, prose and art reviews published on 《創世紀》The Epoch Poetry Quarterly (Taiwan),《香港文學》Hong Kong Literature,《字花》Fleurs des Lettres (Hong Kong),《秋瑩》Qiu Ying (Hong Kong),《中西詩歌》Chinese-Western Poetry (Macau & Guangdong) and《澳門日報》Macao Daily News.
  • 《入城》“Into the City.” (A Work of New Poetry)《歲月光影——2009城市文學獎作品集‧徵文集》Rhapsodies of Time: A Collection of Winning Entries from 2009 City Literary Awards. Ed. Pei-kai Cheng. Hong Kong: Cultural and Sports Committee of City University of Hong Kong & Culture Plus, 2010. 268-269.