Prof Chengcheng YOU

Prof Chengcheng YOU

Assistant Professor

Consultation Hours
Wednesday 3pm-4pm
Friday 11am-12pm

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08/2012-06/2017 PhD in Literary Studies, University of Macau
09/2007-07/2009 MA in English Language and Literature, Jinan University, China
09/2002-07/2006 BA in English Language and Literature, Huaqiao University, China

Research Interests

Chengcheng’s research interests include the translation of children’s literature, adaptation of Chinese classics, anthropomorphism in literature, environmental ethics.

Courses Regularly Taught

Language Studies for Translation, Literary Translation, Children’s Literature


YOU Chengcheng joined University of Macau in 2019 as Assistant Professor of Translation Studies. Before she joined the institution, she has taught at the School of Translation Studies, the College of Foreign Studies of Jinan University respectively as a Lecturer. She was Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Scholar in Malmo University (Sweden) in 2013, the Research Fellow in International Youth Library (Germany) with a grant from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 2018-2019, and the 2018 Winner of Emerging Scholar Award issued by A&HCI journal Children’s Literature in Education.

Selected Publications


You, Chengcheng. (2019). Aesthetic Dilemma of Adaptation and Politics of Subjectivity: Animating the Chinese Classic Journey to the West. International Research in Children’s Literature, 12(1), pp34-46. (A&HCI)

You, Chengcheng. (2019). The Cultural Poetics of Anthropomorphism: Rereading a Chinese Fable. History of Education & Children’s Literature, 14(1), pp 465-486. (A&HCI)

You, Chengcheng. (2019). Representing Zoo Animals: The Other-than-Anthropocentric in Anthony Browne’s Picturebooks. The Lion and the Unicorn, pp 22-41. (A&HCI)

Kelen, Christopher, and Chengcheng You. (2019). Liminal Encounters: Ethics of Anthropomorphism in the Poetry of Levertov, Szymborska and Fulton. Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal, 52 (2), pp 147-65. (A&HCI)

You, Chengcheng. (2018). Harmony, Home and Anthropomorphism: Representation of Minority Nationalities in Contemporary Chinese Ethnic Children’s Literature. Children’s Literature in Education, 49(4), 499-515. (A&HCI)

You, Chengcheng. (2018). New Realities and Representations of Homelessness in Chinese Children’s Literature in an Era of Urbanization. Children’s Literature in Education, First Online 3 July, 2018. (A&HCI)

You, Chengcheng. (2016). Introduction to Hans Christian Andersen Awards Nominees Cao Wenxuan, Zhu Chengliang, Ferit Avci, Sonia Nimr, Ted van Lieshout. Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’ s Literature. 54 (2), p.19, p.20, p.41, p.46, p. 59.

You, Chengcheng. (2015). Strange Encounter: Depicting ‘An’ Other Reality for Young Children. Journal of Urban Society’s Arts, 15(1), pp.25-34.


Book Chapters:

You, Chengcheng. (forthcoming). Hidden Atrocities in the Cinematic Representation of a Conformist Chinese Girlhood. In Victoria Nesfield and Philip Smith (Eds.), Atrocities in Children’s Literature. SUNY Press.

You, Chengcheng. (2018). Picturing a Posthuman Identity: Personhood, Affect and Companionship Ethics in Mary Liddell’s Little Machinery and Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing. In Anna Kerchy (Ed.), Posthumanism in Fantastic Fiction(pp.133-147). Creative Commons e-book.

You, Chengcheng. (2017). Ghostly Vestiges of Strange Tales: Horror, History and the Haunted Chinese Child. In Jackson, Anna (Ed.), New Directions in Gothic Children’s Literature: Debatable Lands(pp.81-101). Routledge.

You, Chengcheng and Chrysogonus Siddha Malilang. (2016). Playtime in Playworld: How Children Learn to Rule. In Christopher Kelen and Bjorn Sundmark (Eds.), Child Governance and Autonomy in Children’s Literature: Where Children Rule (pp.218-230). Routledge.