Macao is a special place

For more than four hundred years, Macao has served as a meeting place between the peoples of the East and West, and particularly between those of Europe and China. Their diverse influences, of language and culture, of art and artefact, stretching back over the centuries and coming from far afield, are all evident in Macao today. Little wonder that its historic centre is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Macao is a special place

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) of the University of Macau is ideally placed to engage with, and contribute to, the special qualities of Macao, since as a Faculty it is concerned fundamentally with studying the diversity of human experience and the stories, ideas and words that help us to make sense of who we are and of our place in the modern world. Our approach to the diversity of human experience emphasizes the systematic study of languages and literatures, of key ideas and frameworks of belief, especially of those peoples who have helped to shape Macao.

Fields of Study

Thus, our fields of study include Chinese, English, Portuguese, Japanese, History, Philosophy and Religion. We also have a very important place for Translation in our work, since many of the cultural cross-currents that have influenced the present have been mediated via translation. FAH is also an important contributor to the University-wide programme in General Education, bringing essential elements of a holistic education to a wider university audience.


Welcome to FAH!

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities!

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) is home to nearly 1,300 students who are studying within seven key departments and centres, which offer a wide range of programmes, including Chinese Language and Literature, English Studies, History, Translation Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Portuguese Language and Literature and Japanese Studies.

Jie Xu, PhD
Interim Dean of FAH

Distinguished Professor of Chinese Linguistics


Welcome to FAH!

Study Opportunities

Students in FAH programmes have the opportunity to achieve a very high level of skill and fluency in at least one language other than their native language.

Riches of Cultures

Students can encounter the riches of other cultures as they study their own cultural traditions and achievements as well as the various perspectives on the human condition.

Mentorship Programme

First-year students can participate in the mentorship programme on voluntary basis in which they are paired with staff mentors to help them make the transition to university life.

Exchange Programmes

The Faculty operates student exchange programmes with universities around the world. These exchange programmes provide students with international exposure that prepares them for an increasingly global workplace.

Faculty Facilities

The Faculty has various facilities devoted to student development and academic research.


Campus Life

Covering approximately 1.09km², the campus can accommodate more than 10,000 students. The campus features a multi-layered garden-style landscape, has a tranquil, comfortable ambience, and places great emphasis on the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.

Teaching Team

Internationally distinguished professors bring a variety of educational and professional experiences to the Faculty. In addition to their scholarly achievements, some of our staff are also reputed translators, poets and novelists. They not only bring academic knowledge and expertise to the classroom, but also experience of the practice and study of the Arts and Humanities.


Research and Innovation

FAH academic staff members are actively involved in research projects that help them keep abreast of the latest knowledge in their respective fields. This allows them to bring that knowledge into the classroom, ensuring that students’ education is timely and relevant.


Research and Innovation