Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Studies

Duration: 4 years
Medium of Instruction: Portuguese (1)


  • It equips students with general knowledge of Portuguese Studies in order to enable their progression to a professional activity or an academic career.
  • It gives students the opportunity of develop Portuguese communicative competences and enhance cross-cultural communication awareness and skills, in order to become multilingual and multicultural professionals.


  • It provides an outcome-based curriculum in Portuguese Studies, with the aim to make students have a clear vision of the learning target and work towards the defined goals.
  • It offers an intensive and goal-oriented language training to students in the first two academic years.
  • The Study Abroad Programme in the third academic year helps students to improve their knowledge of Portuguese by spending one year overseas in Portuguese or Brazilian universities.
  • The specialty training of the fourth academic year (in translation, linguistic studies, literature and culture topics related studies, etc) prepares students for future professional activity or academic career.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  1.  produce a wide range of long and complex written and oral texts in Portuguese in a fluent, clear and well-structured way;
  2.  use Portuguese language effectively and flexibly in social, professional and academic life;
  3.  elaborate academic forms of writing and plan and conduct a short research in Portuguese;
  4.  identify different linguistic features between Portuguese and Chinese;
  5.  identify the differences among the varieties of the Portuguese language concerning the linguistic and cultural diversity.


  • Study Plan for students admitted in or after academic year 2019/2020
  • Study Plan for students admitted in or after academic year 2017/2018
  • Study Plan for students admitted before academic year 2017/2018

Graduation Requirements

Minimum requirement of 132 credits

Entry Requirements

  • By “Joint Admission Examination for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions” ( )
  • By “PRA Programme” ( )
  • By “Chinese and Portuguese Bilingual Talent Nurturing Scheme” ( )
    • Excellent academic performance and good conduct;
    • Currently studying in Form 6 or equivalent in an officially recognized secondary school in Macao; Ranked among the top 30% in terms of academic performance amongst all Form 5 students or equivalent (including all students in arts, commerce, science and other streams);
    • Hold the certificate of proficiency CIPLE for Level A2 (Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira) or equivalent (or such proficiency proof can be declared by the school).

Career Prospects

  • Being a Portuguese – Chinese translator or interpreter
    • In the Macau government, local companies, law firms
    • In international organizations, public institutions, national enterprises, trading companies
  • Teaching Portuguese as a Second Language in colleges, universities, schools and language training centers.
  • Working in diplomatic representations, international business, tourism, communication and so on.
  • Further studies in Master programmes in the area of translation, linguistics and literature and culture studies.


  1. Medium of Instruction:
    • The courses are taught mainly in Portuguese.
    • The translation related courses are taught in Portuguese and Chinese.
    • The Portuguese language courses of elementary level are taught with the assistance of Chinese or English.
  2. General Education Programme Information
  3. Study Abroad Programmes: