Brian CHAN Hok-Shing

Associate Head of Department of English

Before joining UM, Brian Chan taught English and linguistics at the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At UM, in addition to teaching and research, Brian served as Programme Co-ordinator of MA in English Studies (2013-2017) and Associate Master of Shiu Pong College (2018), and he is currently Associate Head of Department of English (from 2022 to now). Under Brian’s supervision, two PhD students have successfully completed their study, and now he is supervising two PhD students. In recent years, Brian has regularly served as an anonymous reviewer of various indexed linguistics journals, including the International Journal of Multilingualism [Taylor and Francis].

Journal articles

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Book chapters

Chan, Brian, Hok-Shing (2013). Sentence-final particles, complementizers, Antisymmetry and the Final-over-Final Constraint. In Theresa Biberauer and Michelle Sheehan (eds.), Theoretical Approaches to Disharmonic Word Order, p.445-468. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Chan, Brian, Hok-Shing (2009). Code-Switching with Typologically Distinct Languages. In B. E. Bullock and A. J. Toribio (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code-Switching, p. 182–198. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Setter, Jane, Cathy, Sing-Ping, Wong & Chan, Brian, Hok-Shing (2010). Hong Kong English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.