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WANG, Yudong
Dec 29 | Fri +853 8822 8905 E34-2023 By Appointment WANG, Yudong University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinoi ...

WANG, Yudong2024-02-07T17:49:53+08:00
UM Museum of Art officially opens
May 16 | Tue

The opening ceremony of the UM Museum of Art   The University of Macau (UM) Museum of Art officially opened today ( ...

UM Museum of Art officially opens2023-10-06T16:31:49+08:00
LI, Yiqing
Jul 03 | Mon +853 8822 4058 E34-2020 By Appointment LI, Yiqing Ph.D., Art History, Theory & Criticism, ...

LI, Yiqing2023-10-13T16:30:50+08:00
Li, Jun
Jun 02 | Fri +853 8822 8118 E34-2021 By Appointment LI, Jun Head of Department of  Arts and Design Tra ...

Li, Jun2023-10-13T16:11:27+08:00
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