Communication University of China

  • Full-Year Exchange to Communication University of China (For Undergradute students)
  • Half-Year Exchange to Communication University of China (For Postgraduate students)

Exchange Period:

  • One academic year, AY2024/2025 (for Undergraduate students)
  • First Semester, AY2024/2025 (for Postgraduate students)

Information about Communication University of China

Communication University of China (CUC) is a key comprehensive university with unique strengths in journalism and communication, film & television arts, information science & technology. For more information, please refer to the webpages of the University and the School of International Studies.

Available major of the exchange programme

Who can apply for this exchange programme?

  • Full-time students with good academic and disciplinary standing;
  • Eligible students should be MacaoHong Kong or Taiwan residents studying in undergraduate / postgraduate programmes offered by the Department of Portuguese;
  • Undergraduate students should be in second year by the time of departure;
  • Postgraduate students must complete two semesters of study by the time of departure;
  • Satisfactory language proficiency.

Exchange Programme Costs:

Selected students are expected to pay tuition fees to the University of Macau and meet all the transportation, accommodation, meals and living expenses while they are studying in the host university.

Application Period

11 – 19 Jan 2024

Application Dossier (Please submit the following documents to GAO application system)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose (Describing why you are interested in applying this exchange program and what your objective is; what are your strengths and weaknesses. Why should we pick you?) (The documents can be attached to ‘Other Supporting Documents’ in GAO application system)
  • Two Reference Letters (The documents can be attached to ‘Other Supporting Documents’ in GAO application system.)

For enquiry, please contact Iny at / Nuno at , Department of Portuguese of Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH).

Important Notes for Exchange Students

Application Procedures

  • Read carefully the relevant application requirement;
  • Consult your programme coordinator about course selection and credit transferability;
  • Apply for the exchange programme (Application period: 11 – 19 Jan 2024) and complete the application through GAO application system.
  • Check your email for the assessment arrangement after the application period;
  • Check your email for the nomination result;
  • Apply for the exchange to the host university and receive the acceptance letter;
  • Prepare and submit your learning agreement;
  • Prepare your departure