Damian SHAW

Editorial Board: Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies

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Review Articles:

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Academic Editorial Publications:

  • Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Language Researcher and Specialist Music Editor, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995).
  • 品味泉州 – A Taste of Quanzhou, Lin LuZhu, English Editor: Damian Shaw, 中国广播电视出版社 (2004).

Conference Presentations:

‘”The Vampire Hypothesis”: from Fingernails to Ministering Angels – The First Swedish Debunker’. With Matthew Gibson. FAH Macao Humanities Roundtable Conference. 4/5/2023.

– ‘Slaying Vampires in Eighteenth-Century Sweden’. With Matthew Gibson. FAH Macao Humanities Roundtable Conference. 4/5/2022.

-“‘Alas!’ said she to herself, ‘I am going again into my prison’: Gothic Horror and Terror and narratives of imprisonment in the fight against Covid-19″. UMGothic. International Zoom Conference. 3 July 2021.

– ‘Black Eyes, White Skin: The Portrayal of Aristocracy in Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars and Beyond’. University of Macau. Bram Stoker: Life, letters, manuscripts. March 2015.

– ‘Melancholy and the British Poetry of Slavery’. University of Stirling. July 2011.

– ‘National Identity in the Postage Stamps of Macao’. English Department Colloquium Series. 2011.

– “‘Were it worth knowing’: What Rebecca Kinsman can and cannot say about the Chinese in Macao.” First International Interdisciplinary Conference of Macao Studies. University of Macao. May 2009.

– “Writing Quanzhou: How to Represent China in the 21st Century”. English Department Colloquium Series. University of Macau, 10 December 2008.

– Two papers on Thomas Pringle at Essen University, Germany, November 2000. DAAD academic exchange programme.

– “Pass of the Great Fish River.” AEUTSA conference, UNISA, June 1999.

– “The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave” at a conference on the social history of slavery in Britain, at Edinburgh University, 21 March 1994.

Invited Talks:

– ‘Rebecca Kinsman: An American Quaker in Macao”. Invited lecture at Hong Kong University, 27 March 2010.

– ‘The Fair Chinese Maid: A Tale of Macao’? Invited lecture at Hong Kong University. 2 April 2015.

Literary Publications

  • Poems published in Imago, The South African Literary Journal, Contrast, Staffrider, The Slug Journal, Envoi, Sylva, The Haiku Quarterly, Virtue Without Terror, The May Anthology, Under Landsdowne Bridge 1&2, Isibongo, Carapace, Sincerely Yours, Birds in Words, I Roll The Dice, Just a Coin’s Worth of Blue.