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2202, 2019

【MYUM Interview】Good Literature Is Never Didactic: Department of English Prof Chiu Man Yin

2019-02-22|Department of English, News|

In 1992, Chiu Man Yin, now an associate professor in the University of Macau’s (UM) Department of English, was admitted by UM as one of its only two students of English studies. ‘English studies was not doing very well. People were not interested in it. The university came close to abolishing the ent ...

1102, 2019

Professor Ronald Fong runs workshops on learning second language vocabulary for ASUM English teachers

2019-02-11|Department of English, News|

Group photo with ASUM teachers  Professor Ronald Fong has run two workshops on English vocabulary learning by Macau pupils for teachers of English at the Affiliated School of the University of Macau (ASUM). The first workshop introduces how linguistic theories may possibly provide teachers of English ...

2101, 2019

【MYUM Interview】Department of English Professor Damian Shaw and His Cross-cultural Journey

2019-01-21|Department of English, News|

If knowing a national language can break down cultural barriers in a particular country, Damian Shaw, an assistant professor from UM’s Department of English, must be holding a laissez-passer that allows him to travel freely to any place in the world. Thanks to his impressive set of language skills, P ...

701, 2019

Prof Ronald Fong and Prof Yao Jingming won awards at Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

2019-01-07|Department of English, News|

Prof Ronald Fong, Department of English, and Prof Yao Jingming, Department of Portuguese,  recently won  awards at the Fifth Outstanding Achievement Awards for Macao Research in Humanities and Social Sciences. The event was co-organised by the Macao Foundation and the Social Sciences in China Press. ...

2112, 2018

Department of English Prof. Ronald Fong’s linguistics paper contributes to Cantonese-English translation

2018-12-21|Department of English, News|

A paper written by Ronald Fong, an assistant professor from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau (UM), has published in the renowned academic journal Translation Research and Teaching. Titled ‘A Cognitive Analysis of the Cantonese Motion-Directional Construct ...

1912, 2018

Department of English Professor Cecilia Zhao gives talk at Affiliated School of UM on how to teach English effectively

2018-12-19|Department of English, News|

As per the invitation of the Affiliated School of the University of Macau (ASUM), Prof. Cecilia Guanfang Zhao from the Department of English at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities recently offered a teacher training workshop to the English teachers at ASUM on how to teach English effectively in an EFL ...

2611, 2018

FAH Dean Honggang JIN visited Beijing Language and Culture University and Beijing Foreign Studies University

2018-11-26|Department of English, News|

On 20th November 2018, Prof. Honggang Jin, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) visited the Faculty of Humanities and Social Society, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) as well as School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prof. Jin was invited ...

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