MA in English Studies Curriculum (from 2020/2021)

Last updated on 31 Jul 2020

Year 1
Course Code Course Title
Choose 1 from the following 2 courses:
ENGL7001 Linguistics Research Methods
ENGL7024 Critical Reading
7 courses from Required Elective Course List (see below)
Total Credits
Year 2
Course Code Course Title
ENGL7998 Project Report
Total Credits
Important Note

Students should choose courses from the Required Elective Course List in Linguistics and/or the Required Elective Course List in Literature and are allowed to take up to two courses (6 credits) from any other Master level courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with the permission of the programme coordinator.

Required Elective Courses in Linguistics
ENGL7001 Linguistics Research Methods
ENGL7002 Comparative Chinese–English Structure
ENGL7504 Course Design for English Language Learning
ENGL7505 Current Trends and Issues in Language Learning
ENGL7003 Descriptive Linguistics
ENGL7508 Materials Design and Evaluation
ENGL7509 Phonology
ENGL7004 Psycholinguistics
ENGL7005 Sociolinguistics
ENGL7006 Syntax – The Structure of English
ENGL7013 Discourse Analysis
ENGL7014 History of English
ENGL7015 Special Topics in Linguistics
ENGL7019 World Englishes
ENGL7020 Bilingualism
ENGL7021 Cognitive Linguistics
ENGL7022 Corpus Linguistics
ENGL7023 Media Discourse
ENGL7025 Language and Popular Culture
Required Elective Courses in Literature
ENGL7007 Cinema Studies
ENGL7008 Colonial and Postcolonial Writing
ENGL7009 Drama & Theatre Studies
ENGL7010 Modernity in English Literature
ENGL7011 Romanticism
ENGL7012 Victorian Novels and Poetry (1840 – 1870)
ENGL7016 Genre Studies
ENGL7017 Shakespeare
ENGL7018 Special Topics in Literature
ENGL7026 Advanced Cinema Studies
ENGL7027 Asian Diaspora Literature in English
ENGL7024 Critical Reading
ENGL7028 Representing the Shoah: The Holocaust in Literature, Memoir and Film
ENGL7029 Ecology and Apocalypse
ENGL7030 Nineteenth Century Gothic Fiction