Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Doctoral Alumni

Name Supervisor/s Thesis Year Graduated Current Affiliation
Zhang Chengye Wang Qingjie and Lee Ting-mien Affective Subjectivity in Mou Zongsan’s Moral Metaphysics 2023 (to be updated)
Hui Xianzhe  Hans-George Moeller and Mario Wenning Another light of the French Enlightenment: Bayle, Montesquieu, and Voltaire on China 2023 (to be updated)
Zheng Jingwen  Hans-George Moeller and Mario Wenning Hegel’s Individuality: Struggles Between Persons, Civil Society and the State 2023 (to be updated)
Veronica Valle Nevia Dolcini Presentationality beyond presence: a pragmatic account of perceptual non-neutrality 2022 (to be updated)
Li Teng Victoria Harrison Sacred rivers: state rites, political legitimacy and religiosity in imperial China 2021 Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
Jeroen Robert Zandbergen Hans-Georg Moeller Between iron skies and copper earth: a post-comparative attempt at measuring the diaphysis of the human predicament as the conscious condition 2021 (to be updated)
Daniel John Sarafinas Hans-Georg Moeller A Zhuangzian critique of Confucian civilizational identity 2020 East China Normal University
Liu Yue Nevia Dolcini The threefold authority of first-person attributions 2020 (to be updated)
Hu Qiong Mario Wenning and Victoria Harrison Defining Chu religion: gods, ancestors and ghosts 2020 (to be updated)
Rivera Espinoza Manuel Salvador Hans-Georg Moeller Subversive cosmology in the Zhuangzi: a reevaluation of the early Chinese cosmos 2020 Institute of Philosophy, Hildesheim University
Nicolas Yvon Le Jeune Hans-Georg Moeller Practices of cultivation in the Zhuangzi 2019 (to be updated)
Mario Ramos Echano Nevia Dolcini Motivating influences on self-deception: philosophical considerations 2017 + Ateneo de Manila University
Eh Kim Chew Mario Wenning Towards a comparative virtue epistemology: a study of phronesis (prudence) and cheng (integrity) 2017 University of Saint Joseph
Huang Chenxi Jia Jinhua 早期中國的動植物與宇宙論 2017 (to be updated)
Liu Gonghuang Jia Jinhua 東漢三國漢譯佛經與本土思想的關係: 以空性理論爲中心的概念考察 2017 School of Marxism, Nanfang College
Bai Zhaojie Jia Jinhua 整合及制度化 : 唐前期道教研究 2016 (to be updated)