How much do you know about American ways?  This is what the English Co-Curricular Activities Committee of the English Language Centre (ELC-ECAC) offered students in their first workshop of this academic year.  UM students learned more about the American culture and its customs.  On 25 October 2023, ELC instructor Mr. Ricardo Ribeiro hosted the workshop “American Ways”.

The workshop focused on giving basic information about America and its culture. At the beginning of the workshop, a guessing game about places in America added a lively atmosphere to the room.  Then, Mr. Ribeiro shared with the participants details about America, including its size and population.  After that, he introduced and explained some cultural values of the country, people’s behavior, communication styles and office etiquette. Straightforwardness and personal space as defining characteristics of Americans. Next, he delved into the concept of “The American Dream,” which is arguably the most important of the American values.  Following this, he illustrated several dos and don’ts to remind participants of proper etiquette in America, such as maintaining eye contact when speaking and minimizing noise during meals. re discussing opinions on these guidelines, a break was taken, during which participants enjoyed snacks and refreshments. Everyone left feeling delighted and satisfied, making the activity a resounding success.

The ECAC looks forward to bringing more activities to the UM community in the near future.

Written by ECAC Student Ambassadors:  Julia, Wang Ting Yi; Yamashita Takuhon; and Helen, Lu Ying Jia.

Mr. Ribeiro joining the students’ group discussion.

Mr.  Ribeiro joining students’ group discussion.

Mr. Ribeiro with participating students.

Mr. Ribeiro sharing some information about USA and its cultural values, people’s behavior, communication styles and office environment.

Students sharing and discussing customs and values.

Mr. Ribeiro with ECAC Student Ambassadors Julia Wang Ting Yi, Yamashita Takuhon, Helen Lu Ying Jia, and ELC Instructor Mr. Alan Chan.